in·​cor·​rupt·​ible ˌin-kə-ˈrəp-tə-bəl  

incapable of corruption: such as

incapable of being bribed or morally corrupted

bnot subject to decay or dissolution

[from – Webster Dictionary]

E-learning The Incorruptible Body

A new series of spiritual healing classes starts to become available as e-learning. The first module is ready to go. The e-learning is called. 

The Incorruptible Body– e- learning

In the spiritual awakening that you are undergoing the body will be a central theme in it. This class series is designed for discovering new ideas about


For once and for all you receive a clarity related to these phenomenon that opens a whole new perspective and possible experience. We use the teaching of Christmind as given in A Course in Miracles, the Infinite Way, New Testament and more.


What does an e-learning look like? Find more information here. This is related to the previous e-learning that is complete and ready to go too. But the Incorruptible Body – e- learning looks like this set up. It is playful. It is easy to use. You can do this on a smartphone, laptop, iPad, tablet, any device with a browser.


All activities of are free of charge. For the e-learning we want you to consider a suggested donation of $50.


The Incorrupt Body – e- learning

Thank you for your support!!