In the meditation with music today lots of opportunity to relax and deeply go within. I rest in God is the lesson we practice. So deeply comforting, entering a circle of Peace. Here is the audio of the Meditation. The music’s from all kinds of artists, VOCES8, Olafur Arnold’s, Nils Frahm, and many more. No copyright infringement intended, just experiencing this music was made for the meditation today.

The Meditation

I rest in God

Ref. The picture used in the illustration is painted by Irma Martin “The_three_women_on_the_tomb_of_Christ

 Irma Martin, Salon of 1843.

Français : “Les Saintes femmes au tombeau”

I Rest In God

The text of this meditation is found here

This is a booklet with text from the A Course in Miracles. ‘I rest in God’ is on page 34.

Whiteboard sharing after meditation