Invitation to join

We are happy to announce a new event. Come and join us the 6-9th of April 2023 in France for a “Mountain top experience”as the finale of the upcoming 40 Days “Resurrection in Progress”. We meet in a place called Saorge, in the “Nepal” of south of France. One opportunity for Reunion.


It is for this reason, then that the foundation of our work is meditation and contemplation, because this is the means to bring us to the experience of reunion, of conscious oneness with God, and it is this experience of conscious oneness with God that unites us with our spiritual good..

Joel S. Goldsmith in “Removing the Barriers to God”, tape 423B

More information

  • Some information for you:
  • From the 6th – the 9th of April 2023 we meet for a retreat
  • We meet in Saorge, it is a small town in the mountains close to Nice, France
  • On the 6th is the arrival day, we have a short meeting in the evening at 7pm
  • We will meet every day for a morning meditation at 10 am. 
  • After that we head into the mountains for a relaxed easy walk to beautiful spots
  • To be still, to be inspired, to be replenished
  • Allowing healing, reunion to take place
  • In the evening we come together between 7 and 8 pm for a meeting
  • There is no charge for the retreat, donations are appreciated!
  • Closest Airport:  
  • We will make recordings of meetings and share them with you on the IWIHUB website and YouTube Channel   

The nature of the retreat is Reunion, Silence, Mountains


For all activities of Iwihub there is no charge. Donations for the retreat are welcome and appreciated!! A suggested donation amount follows.

Reunion in France

Thank you for your support