Your link with Divine Intelligence is a fact, you are not able to lose it. Stand still for a moment and be with this FACT. Feel it. In the video shared below the words given to Joel S. Goldsmith you can contemplate. It is used in the class “OUT OF TIME” as we meet weekly.

Union with Divine Intelligence

The Undoing of the PAST – Is the PAST really over?

This is a recording of the second OUT OF TIME class.

  • Content:
  • 0:00 Consciousness?
  • 9:58 How deep can you go into Consciousness?
  • 13:04 Union with Divine Consciousness
  • 19:50 Is the PAST over?
  • 28:17 Evaluating Meditating
  • 35:36 The “Box” of Time
  • 38:47 Healing “PAST” opportunities
  • 44:14 Post healing attitude