Dear One,

Thank you for everything!!

PROGRAM week 6

We are approaching the last week of the 40 Day Intensive “Awaken to the Light within” Two celebrations are upcoming. The Grand Finale of the 40 Days, is the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice. We will celebrate the Light awakened in you!!

ONLINE – Zoom link 

We use Zoom as platform to meet. Download the app on your phone, I pad or computer and please enter 5 minutes before the meeting starts in the meeting room. So we can start on time. Thank you


Saturday 17th of December 2022ACIM – You in a new Lightnoon Central Time USA
Sunday 18th IW – Meditation ‘Christ Realized’ *noon Central Time USA
Monday 19thACIM Mindtraining Monday – And for the rest..noon Central Time USA
Tuesday 20th“Oneness” – Divine Science10 AM Central Europe Time
Wednesday 21stWINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATIONnoon Central Time USA
Sunday 25th of December 2022Christmas – meditative meeting & musicNoon Central Time

In the activities with an * (Asterix) we mainly use Infinite Way material in the meeting

Previous meetings watch here

See you very soon!!