The words

This day I am God-governed. 
God is the intelligence directing the activity of my day
the still small voice protecting and sustaining me

This is my prayer
That I be God-governed
that I never forget to seek God every moment of the day
I pray that I may never forget to thank God for my daily bread
never forget to realize God as the Source of all
and that I am never unmindful of the unlimited abundance of supply
which God expresses through me to all those who come
within the range of my consciousness

God's grace is with me throughout this day
and His presence goes before me and walks beside me
In this Presence there is harmony and fulfillment
because where the Spirit of the Lord is
there is freedom from any and every limitation

[excerpt from 'The Parenthesis in Eternity', Joel S. Goldsmith, Acropolis Books]

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