In the Gospel of John from the Aramaic into plain English you find in the 10th verse: I am the Living God, The Gate of the flock. Jesus shares this to his disciples, I am the Gate. He is a healing example. Now it’s up to you to consider and practice being a portal, being a door, a gate.. To what? To timelessness, to return Home and taking your brother with you.

“timeless truth I speak to you”




  • How to Use this recording:
  • – Contemplate for 5 minutes this sentence: “Timeless truth I speak to you”
  • – Close your eyes
  • – Open yourself up to receive this Gift for yourself
  • – Don’t react to it
  • – Listen to the music and meditation and music
  • – read what it says and close your eyes when it is silence
  • – When the second music track is over
  • – Be still for another 5 minutes or so
meditation I am the gate