40 Day’s to Christ’s Second Coming- invitation

It is the all‐inclusive nature of Christʹs Second Coming that permits it to embrace the world, and hold you safe within its gentle advent which encompasses all living things with you. There is no end to the release the Second Coming brings, as Godʹs creation must be limitless. Forgiveness lights the Second Comingʹs way because it shines on everyone as one.*
  • Excerpt from What is the Second Coming? , Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles, Miracles in Action Press, 2008


Starting this Sunday 14th of November 2021, we join in an Advent of A Great Awakening. Yes indeed forty days before Christmas. During this 40 day period you are invited to increase your commitment to awakening to Truth. What that means is, we decide to give us wholeheartedly to the goal of awakening during this time. Are you in? The Second Coming brings an endless release and that is taking place in you. You are invited to come as you are, all are welcome!


  • There will be
  • healing meetings,
  • meditations,
  • vespers and
  • classes and
  • of course too:
  • your own practice,
  • your readings,
  • contemplations
  • and we welcome your creative expressions of joy and passion that you want to share at any time: poems, drawings paintings, songs,…


In order to keep track of what is occurring when and how you can participate, it is helpful to SIGN UP BELOW. It is free of charge (even though gifts are welcome) When you sign up you receive on a daily basis an email with a reminder or an voluntary assignment to prepare or share. You will also be updated about events that are taking place during our 40 days to Christ’s Second Coming.

This Sunday 14th of November at 1 pm Central Time USA is the start, we join in the first meeting which is a Miracle Prayer Meditation. After the meditation you can let yourself be informed regarding this 40 day event. Sign up and you receive the link to the meditation.

Your personal Invitation!

Thank you so much

Wim, Iwihub.com



Support for 40 Days to Second Coming of Christ

Thank you for your support


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