Coming up in November the new class series “Body Matters“. Lot’s of opportunities for healing and shifting your sight to a new vision of your Self. Awakening is a very physical process. In fact the undoing of the misidentification with the body is the main happening in waking up. But what does that mean for you? What help can you receive in this class? What is the main focus in this class?

The Main Focus

The main focus in this class is coming in contact with yourself and learning to stay in contact with your Self. Not by denying the body but by including the body in this process. By using the body for what it is, a means for communication. And that offers you the possibility to use the body to heal and be healed. As an extension of love in a whole new way, a whole loving way.


The class ‘Body Matters‘ . What is different in this class, you ask? The greatest difference to former classes of Iwihub is that we are not using a book or a teacher as a basis. Your own experience and your relationship with yourself is the basis. What helps us with that is: a moviethe Wisdom of Trauma‘; science: quantum physics; practice of starting a deep relationship and contact with yourself and more.

CONTENT of the class

3rd of November 2021Body Matters Introductionnoon CDT*
10 NovemberFear of Healingnoon CST
17 NovemberWisdom of Traumanoon CST
24 NovemberAddictionnoon CST
1 DecemberThe Quantum Bodynoon CST
8 DecemberBody and the Dreamnoon CST
15 DecemberThe Illusion of Sufferingnoon CST
19 DecemberSolstice Seminar 2021**noon CST
*Time in your location?
** Solstice Seminar will be further announced

This is an online class, we use Zoom to connect to the classroom. The link is: 


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