The perfectly safe ARE wholly benign. They bless because they know they ARE blessed. Without anxiety, the mind is wholly  kind, and because it PROJECTS beneficence, it IS beneficent. Safety is the COMPLETE RELINQUISHMENT OF ATTACK. No compromise is possible in this. Teach attack in any form, and YOU HAVE LEARNED IT AND IT WILL HURT YOU. But your learning is not immortal, and you can unlearn it BY NOT TEACHING IT. Since you cannot NOT teach, your salvation lies in teaching exactly the opposite of EVERYTHING THE EGO BELIEVES. This is how YOU will learn the truth that will make you free, and keep you so as others learn it of YOU. 
[Ch 6D Urtext A Course in Miracles

What happened in the last Miracle Sessions?

The most amazing thing that happens during our Miracle Sessions is that in our join purpose we receive Great Support. We join as one and actually receive a GIFT all the time that is far beyond expectations. To come into a sphere of safety and timelessness, where we experience ourselves as one.

The Only Answer is Love Your Cancer

In this class we use a part of the talk The Master Teacher gave with this title. In the video you can listen to a reading of part of the talk. Ingredients of the talk are: cancer research, cell specialization, the origin of sickness, incredible healing power. In the near future upcoming events more about this.

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