And here is an excerpt from the Lesson Handbook 152.

No one can suffer loss except it be his own decision.  No one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him.  No can grieve, fear nor think himself sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants.  And no one dies without his own consent.  Nothing occurs which represents your wish and nothing is omitted that you choose.  No one can suffer loss unless it is his own decision.  “

Wow, so are you stirred up by this, are you hearing something new?
So to read this Miracle Healers Handbook can be very helpful.  To repeat those ideas to yourself to see how this is set up for you to be undone from illusions you hold about yourself.  And at the same time there is immediately something in the face of that where the undoing is just a little part, the undoing is just creating space for more experience of the love that you are,   of your Reality.   That is what I love about doing this it is not just that something is going to be taken away.  no this is undone literally because it has no reality so reality comes into your awareness more than anything and this will enlighten your mind with that and see that there is literally light instead of darkness and that there is no such thing as limitation and sickness.  This does not work the way that you think it works and that is always the difficulty with teaching is i cannot teach you that, it is literally an experience so the total loveliness that is being presented by coming in touch with who you are is what this is about., and that is total you experience and it is being offered here.

You give this to yourself by standing still and listening to this by reading it for yourself and suddenly discovering that you are being touched by this and feeling the release of your defence against yourself or your fight against yourself.  The release of that fight, you suddenly discover the love for everything that is.  This is an amazing gift which is being offered here, now in this class to you.

So thank you for joining me in this and being available to celebrate that with me.
Thank you so much.

See you soon.