Su L. was so kind to make a transcript of a recent Introduction to Miracles online class with Wim. She loves to work on them and I am so grateful for that. She also send a prayer:


I thank You, Oh god, for this space is filled with your Presence
I thank You, for I live and move within You.
I thank You for I live in Your Life, Truth, Health, Prosperity, Peace, Wisdom, Joy and Love.
I thank you , for all who enter here will feel Your Presence.
I thank You for I am in Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice with all beings. Amen

Excerpt of the Transcript:

And one of the fundamental ideas being presented in this miracle procedure as i call it, is to see that the miracle is really a device to control time and that is working better than you can imagine.  You start to apply this in your daily life, and when I say this I mean miracles.  Getting you into what actually is going on.  What is a miracle, how does it work, what does it mean and how am I supposed to live this.  What is being offered here is the first step to come to in the constructive use of time because the moment that you decide that you don’t want the old repertoire as you know it, like you don’t want the whole scenario regarding a certain idea that enters your mind,   for instance an idea or sickness or fear.  If you are able to hand that over and say okay I want to use this in a constructive way in which time can be saved so to speak in order to come to peace which prevents me from hurting myself.  I will read more about that because some of these miracle principles are really connected to these ideas of collapsing time, abolishing time and that is really great.
The loveliness in this is that when you actually see that whole scenario can collapse into one instant, into one instant it is just falling apart and you don’t have to go through the whole episode or whole drama in order to get to the same place, that is what saves you and your brothers enormous amounts of pain and limitation, contraction and sickness..  

This then, collapsing time, only with the purpose of coming to the place together with your brother where you actually start to unite as we are already united, starting the celebration of the homecoming which is actually taking place.  We are coming home so why would you want to waste time by taking detours into some of story where you actually already know I don’t have to do that, I already know I don’t have to do that or maybe you are not so aware of it but feel the nature of it as slow, dragging, difficult, exhausting and all that.  So why not come into the practice of miracle mindedness, why not come into the practice of actively giving this away for yourself in order to receive the miracles for yourselves and see that time collapses when you start to allow the miracle to come to you.
It is so beautiful in its ease because when you step back out of situations and we can read that lesson too:  when i step back, I step back and let Him lead the way.

Literally you save time by stepping out of the situation that you were in a moment ago in order for the light to come forward and do this for you.

Personally I just had a fresh experience of that.  There was a difficult moment where I was with some people and we had to make a decision and even though I had prepared for it I stepped back out of it and saw that just by doing that everything was given in that situation exactly what I had had in mind that I would have wanted, but feeling at the same time that it was really something that was given and that everyone involved wanted to give that while it was actually quite something for them to actually do this. 

There is a beauty in seeing how much time is being saved by not dragging this out. Into a long procedure, really making it hard for everyone and delaying it, fighting over it.  And here it falls into place almost immediately, it was very easy, it was no effort at all, it was more like being ready to receive this gift.  I love that.  This is a very fast clean-up which is great.  And you are immediately inspired to move on and take the next step.  This is very effective in that sense in dealing with daily affairs in your life to come to the place in your life where you actually step out of it, let It lead the way in this.  It feels very constructive; it saves a lot of time and energy.

Mostly what saves time is the knowing that you are not doing anything, then it will work a lot more quickly with out of the way.  Mostly we are just in the way of our Selves in order for something to transit through, and that is something amazing to be aware of:
Get out of the way.
Let go – Let God.