Just love to share this with you. Master Teacher in ‘The Return of the Heretic’ chapter: Subjective Thought. Listen to what it says, it’s amazing.

There is a very beautiful passage in one of the first twenty lessons in A Course In Miracles that reads something like this: I can get you to grant that the past is not now, so
it’s impossible for you to think about it in reality; and that the future is not now, and it’s really impossible for you to construct it, so quite literally, moment by moment, on the planet earth, everybody’s minds are literally blank. They are not thinking of anything! Do you see?

All they do is construct the past as they have observed it, which is not now, and project it out into the future. It’s a beautiful way to look at it. So we have people walking around, and nobody, quite literally, is really thinking at all. The upshot of that, or the actual reality of that, is that it is absolutely impossible for there to be any form of communication in the chaos. Why?

Because everybody is simply basing what they see on their own individual concepts, on the past. It has no reality. Uh-oh!

Now we are into what we really have to say about this. Quite obviously, if we have granted that there is a single source, you and I, individually and in consort with all other consciousnesses, must ultimately share that reality. And that’s what we attempt to bring about in brotherhood. That’s all.

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