I am Risen, I am Risen Indeed

Wednesday’s class was another amazing encounter. The online gatherings are lovely to be part of. This week was all about you.

Did you realize that if you read Jesus’ crucifiction and resurrection story that is is all about you? You mean the one betraying Jesus, the one that is Jesus, the one that was mocking Jesus in the streets, the one kissing Jesus and so on? YES indeed.

Do you realize that when Jesus resurrected, YOU resurrected? I am Risen, I am Indeed. In the class we take a look at this and invite you to this new experience of your Self. If you already resurrected that means that you were succesful in waking up from this dream. It might not look like that now, but it is. Just leave your nets om mind contruction behind and follow…

Watch the class here.

Podcast to follow soon.

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