We are going to dive deeper into this Communication in the meditation in just a couple of minutes. See if I got all the questions. Oh yeah, how to recognize God is the soul of every person?

Joe writes a little bit and I want to read that to you too: it’s one paragraph.

Have courage to look at every person and circumstance that you consider harmful, distractive. In the silence face the situation fearlessly, face the condition or the person and you will discover that it or he is an image of your own thoughts. Therefore there’s no cause, jurisdiction or law to support it. Recognize God is the soul of every person and God is the activity in every situation.

And see that’s great that’s a great instruction and then the other hand that is like OK how are we going to do that: so how am I supposed to look fearlessly at the situations I am in. The immediate tool that comes around, that is helpful to you, that you can apply at any moment is to step out of the situation for a moment. To disconnect for a moment and maybe find a quiet place to sit for with yourself for an instant. And then you turn within, and you come in communication or at least you let go of your concerns about the situation and then something can happen then you can enter into communication with God.  To release the fear you will have to see it for what it is and to release the fear is also that too to recognize that this God is the soul of every man and recognize it in yourself.

We shared in the beginning of this class whether it is like meditation, whether contemplative meditation, whether it’s a healing consciousness, whether it’s a mystical consciousness, however you are going to call it basically it all comes down to: yes, I have to turn within and come with open hands to my Father to my within-ness, to my Kingdom. From there like everything will fall into place but the more I apply that and the more I see that that’s working through my experience that it is working, my certainty grows and  it will show me everywhere that there’s no exception to the love of God.

 OK so I hope you’re warmed up now for the meditation, fear not and it is quite long meditation, there will be a lot of lines supporting you in your meditation so I would recommend that you just take time to go for this and to let these words come to you. Don’t try to understand them, let them affect you, just feel them and let them talk to you instead of you trying to understand. You might want to close your eyes sit back relax and let this come you.

Discover that the most basic thing that we’re doing here is comfort is just bringing you to your silence, to stillness using very simple statements or very comforting statements. Joel is doing the same in this meditation.

I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Why all this struggle? I in the midst of thee, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, why struggle as if you had to seek for me and search for me? Why struggle as if you had to hold on to me? I will never leave you, I am with you always with you, I will give you water, I will give it to you, so do not struggle for it, do not strive. Just be still let me feed you do not try to live by bread at least not by bread alone. Live by every word, every promise of scripture, which is fulfilled in you. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you, believe only and I will give to you of the hidden manna, which is invisible to the world, incompatible with common sense, incomprehensible to human understanding, hidden in the depths of your own being. I have meat the world knows not of. If you ask me, I will give you water. Listen to me, the still small voice at the center of your being, I will never, I will never forsake you. Even in the valley of the shadow of death, I will be with you. You will never know death, you will never die. I give you living waters, that spring up into life everlasting. If you listen for my still small voice, if you rest in the everlasting arms, if you relax in me, if you let my every word feed you and be your bread of life and your style, you will never die. My spirit is with you, my presence goes before you. I go to prepare a place for you. Stop fearing, stop doubting, rest in my bosom, rest in my arms, rest in my love and be at peace. Trust the I in the center of your Being. Belief that I can do these things belief there is a Presence at the center of your Being whose only function is to bless to be a benediction and to be an instrument of my grace. Trust me, believe only in me. Fear not.

So we will be quiet for some time.