At the end of this class we will have a meditation connected to the idea of ‘fear not’. It is a popular one, so to speak and you might have listened to it many times and you probably have heard of it before. It is comforting because what it does is: basically it cuts down all the ties to the worldly ideas about time and worldly ideas about everything that isn’t, and it directs you to the I within, the still small voice speaking to you.

To understand or to really grasp the idea of ‘fear not’, Joel brings in another segment. And I will read the second question that I put down. “When will good come to me?” I will read it first what he says.

God is the consciousness of individual being therefore Infinity is the measure of that being. Nothing can be added to you, nothing can be taken from you. No good can come to you, no evil can touch you. You embrace within your own good. Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine. All that God is, is already established within you. You are the place in consciousness through which the infinite nature of God is revealing itself. Therefore, God cannot flow to you. God expresses itself from within and pours out upon all who come within range of your consciousness or your conscious awareness of this truth. It is only to refrain from taking thought to relinquish all anxious, fearful thought to be still. I will read that last sentence. Therefore good cannot flow to you, good expresses itself from within and pours out from all those who come within your conscious awareness of this truth. It is only necessary to refrain from taking thought to relinquish all anxious fearful thought to be still.

The Art of Meditation, Joel S. Goldsmith

He says no good can come to you. In your conscious connection, in your direct communication with God in your whole mind, if you want, in your contemplative state everything is complete so no good can come to you. There is literally no space for anything else. This is what I’ve said before when entering into the present moment, like you come with empty hands because, literally there’s no space for anything else. It is complete within itself; it does not need anything; nothing needs to be added to it. It is good to realize that, because that is easier to let go of everything, we think this moment needs. If you are waiting for the good to come to you, because of something, that is not going to happen. You are frustrating yourself to wait for something that will not occur. But in your recognition that in this communication everything is given to you, you will never have any questions about it. Just start to rely on that.

That is the beauty of this spiritual path: that your certainty grows in that, more and more you are going to be convinced that everything is given to you in the moment. In this moment here and now. Completing itself all the time, it confirms its completion. It has to do with health, it has to do with any idea that you hold about yourself. Your financial situation, your this, your that. You do not stand still, you do not meditate with the purpose of getting that, no, but in your recognition of the completeness of this present moment, everything is going to be given to you. In the next moment I can have fearful thoughts about it like, oh my God I just lost my job and now what I am going to do? How is my financial situation, oh God, I do not know what is going on?  Then you are already off-center so to speak, already taking a little detour into fear and you are going to create something and make that real for yourself. That is actually a total disturbance and basically a denial of truth.

With the meditation you come with empty hands, completely open, you take nothing with you and stand still, in this moment, to listen, to communicate. To be in a direct experience of love. Direct communication. This is what we do in our class, in our meditation, this is what we do in conscious recognition and remembrance of the present moment. Everything is given into that, everything is given in that moment. The guidance to go somewhere, something to share with your brother, you name it.  Everything that you supposed to do, will be given. You just see yourself do it, suddenly find yourself doing things. Suddenly you see yourself express something that you could never have come up with, that’s what I love about this process. This is bringing you to the moment and is the only moment where you can be free of fear and it is giving you exactly what you’re looking for.