Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow. [When is this going to happen?] When? When you turn to the recognition of your Christhood. But you say that you might sin again tomorrow. That has nothing to do with it. You may sin tomorrow and the day after and next week, too. What counts is that you have turned to the realization of your Christhood .

What Joel is pointing out here it’s really great, because see, your human mind is very slippery and what I mean with that is, it always looks for an escape. You get an instruction about how to do something coming from Christ mind and your human mind, which is slippery ego mind, is trying to find a way out of it, so that you don’t have to apply this or use it. You said to yourself, well I’m going to accept this tomorrow or maybe next week or whatever.  I’m not perfect at all so I might as well just skip this whole thing. No, no, no, wait a minute, don’t do that! There’s always a reason not to accept this until there isn’t anymore, until you say to yourself: OK, I’ve had enough, I don’t want any alternative, I want the only one Alternative and that is returning to Christ mind. That is quite something, so let’s see if you have an escape, if you think there’s a shortcut to get out of situation or some kind of trouble by just sneaking out via the back road or something. It is not going to work and you know. Eventually you come to the point where you realize: oh, I should not have done that. So, here you have the opportunity to become aware of now, there is some pressure on me, there’s a real temptation to take a shortcut and I’m not going to do it, I’m going to go right through this and offer what I know to be true in terms of I’m going within to connect with my Christ mind and connecting with the I, instead of trying to come up with solutions for myself or others.

Here is a question from the Middle Path chapter.

When you set forth on it, you begin to attain the inner faculty that enables you, when a call comes, to disregard the human being with all of his ails and ills, and remember, “Wait a minute. What am I doing? What is my mission? There is only one son of God and that is the Christ. I have nothing to do with the infinite forms of varieties at which It appears.

Remember wait a minute, what am I doing, what is my mission? I said it like this, there a little flag that goes up, a little red flag. This is situation that is pretty new to me. A situation where I want to deal with in a different way: I don’t want to confirm the disasters of the world anymore or the disasters happening in people’s lives not even my family and friends. I’m going to stand still for a moment and turn within because all the situations that are coming to me, are just an invitation to come in touch with who I really am. That was my total mission, it became my total mission. You have so many opportunities during the day to practice that! And suddenly you feel, now I slide off to the right and I went into a story with someone I’m trying to give him advice and how to do this and my day is lost. No, no, no, your day is not lost so you come back to the point where you realize there is another Alternative. I can remember where I really am and I’m going to use that actively, right now, it doesn’t matter what happened before, the past is over, it can touch me not. It is no excuse; I don’t have to use as an excuse to stay in the human sphere and to stay in the human way of thinking.

There’s a term in use for that ‘mortal-holic’, it’s like, you’re being addicted to death, to human hood and this is your opportunity to get out of that. But first you will have to admit: Oh my God, I’m so addicted to this world and all of that, where I’m so used to, I cannot get it out of my system. Now there is an opportunity to use this differently by you admitting I’m completely addicted. From now on I will admit that I’m addicted to it and I need help with that so every situation that comes up I take a little bit more time for myself, become still, instead of responding and reacting and advising.