OK, so here’s the next question.

Well what is it? Where is it? Let me see it, let me touch it, No, it is a glint in the eye.

So, whatever this is about and I just picked it out of the text of the review chapters, it’s like a glint in the eye. It is something that you cannot hold. It is something that you start to radiate once you have found it and it is doing something with you, it literally brings in the light in you. Where is it? What is it? It really does not matter what it is, you’re lucky that you have found a way to get to it and then, when you let it yourself be touched by it.. That is like: Oh my God, that’s doing something with you, suddenly you start to look younger, suddenly you start to shine, you know your face starts to shine and you don’t even know why. That’s a given, you feel there’s a fundamental click happening, because you suddenly you are aware of the fact that you are being completely connected to your Source and you thought that you were so lost in your humanness and so disconnected from everything and here you are in your new being, you’re completely connected! You are literally one, walking around, taking that with you wherever you go. So, you bring in that light that you carry with you, wherever you go

We continue, there are a lot of questions in the chapter, 19 questions in the in the text, so we’re not able to do them all probably.

Self-complete in God, we walk the earth enveloped in an eternal bombproof shelter. We dwell “in the secret place of the most High”. Is there such a place? Is it a place at all? Or is it the consciousness of God’s presence?

See there is another question. Self-complete in God we walk the earth… like we said in the beginning: it is happening in your consciousness. It is about the fact that you are going to be aware that this is your existence and your Being.  If that is not in your awareness, you can read it for a 1000 times, but it doesn’t do anything, or to be more precise: it gives you the opportunity of getting used to the idea that that there’s all different reality connected to you and it has nothing to do with the images that you see, it has to do with you as a being of God, like a child of God. Where is it this happening in your consciousness, if you are aware of it and you feel the directness of it, you feel you have an experience of direct communication. You know exactly where it is, it has nothing to do with this place, because a place would be connected to a time. You are not able to locate, you do not know where you are! Yes, you can come up with conceptual ideas of living in a certain location and that’s all fine, but it has nothing to do with your true presence.

Where you are present is in your consciousness. Consciousness is not defined by a certain size or by a place or by time. Now it is, it is a whole different idea, it is a limitless idea. It’s only being present, being everywhere all the time. It’s not limited by time or space, so it’s also not bound by it. This is all about you in your consciousness and this is like we used the words and we used the chapters to come to this place that you are going to go one step further than you did before. Now you realize that these are actually not words, but you are being given the opportunity to have it revealed to you, your real present, your real beingness. That’s great, yeah, so all these words and I’m sharing are coming from my direct experience. Oh my God, it’s so good to feel, it’s so nice trying to express this. My desire to transfer this, to make this my whole mind confidence, so that there is no place in my mind where I don’t accept this. It is all encompassing, it’s complete! You give me the opportunity to share this idea with you, it becomes stronger in you and in me as well. That is so beautiful about teaching or sharing or demonstrating, however you want to call this. I come back to the question, because I had no idea where I was anymore, I was just temporarily dislocated.

Be still! Do not pray with words; do not pray with thoughts; be still! Know ye not that ye are the temple of God? [well that’s another question] Know ye not that the name of God is I, or I Am, and that you are the temple of God only when you have admitted I into your consciousness and held It there secretly, sacredly, gently, peaceably, so that at any moment you can close your eyes and just remember I?

Be still do not pray with words, no do not pray with thoughts, know you not that you are the temple of God.. See how much all is connected, even in the questions that we pose, all of this is about the same thing. Know ye not that ye are the temple of God? Oh! Great question. Yes, I would love to remember that and then it might as well happen right now. I’m the temple of God. My God, what was happening to me. See it’s exactly pointing in the same “spirit place” even though that’s not locatable, you can definitely experience it.

What happens to you in the moment when a person turns to you for help, is the secret of healing work. Are you going to try to improve him, or are you going to sit there in the realization of Christhood. That is the crux of the matter.

So, as soon as your brother comes to you for help. OK, so how can I be of service today? People that come to you during your day, people will come to you. Listen to me, I got this thing going on. Oh my God what did I get myself into or what is happening to me or what’s happening to my family? Oh my God! People are coming to you with these kinds of questions and what do you do? See that is really the crux of the matter.

The crux of the matter that is, am I choosing to try to improve him or are am I choosing to go within and make a connection with your High, with the Christ, with the I? It is very practical, it is not abracadabra, no this is mysticism, so to speak, on the daily life matter. Great opportunities to extend yourself as the light. Create opportunities for yourself to remember Who you are, that’s a great way to look at it! This is helping you to remember who you are!! All these situations: there’s a perfect plan behind appearances. It is not that it is happening so you can help others. No, no, this is for you to remember Who you really are. If you remember your wholeness you see that whoever came to you is just representing the Christ in you!

That’s why it’s so much fun to do this healing work or to have these moments together where we join and where we actually remember Who we really are and not for any other reason than for me to remember who I really AM.  Take no credits for it, there is no like, I’m really good at it or you you are not so good at it. There’s no comparison connected to it whatsoever. No this is just for you. This is only happening in your consciousness and you bring in the I, so to speak or you’re going to confirm the reality of this human existence, it’s complete spectrum, like I said at the beginning. It is the complete spectrum you cannot miss. It is everything or nothing! That’s something to be aware of. See it as an experiment if there’s a situation coming to you, this is for you like, oh that’s a red flag to me, a red flag, in the sense of: I need to remember something here. It is an appearance that comes to me it’s representing something, it is happening in my mind, here we are. Now I remember who I really am. So what on earth can be the problem, what on earth can dysfunction or what can complete perfection, so this is your opportunity to see that disappear.