Some problem may arise later greater than my capacity to meet and I know it. Another ten seconds, just to remember, “He performeth that which is given me to do. He perfecteth that which concerneth me.” And the weight drops off my shoulders, the responsibility drops away from me and I know that, “I am not building this temple alone. God buildeth this temple. God keepeth watch. The watchman waketh but in vain except the Lord keep the watch,” and so I have ten seconds for remembering the Lord is keeping the watch. “He is performing that which is given me to do,” and in my relaxing, I’m giving him opportunity to come through and to take over.

Driving on the road, we all require that ten seconds to remember that there is only one being on the road, only one being. There may be a million drivers but there’s only one being and that being is God sitting at every wheel. If we do not consciously remember that, we are not bringing it into our experience. It is the conscious recognition, the conscious acknowledgement, the conscious realization of it that makes it demonstrable in our experience. And so it is in our practice we have these ten second meditations—sometimes with the eyes closed and sometimes with the eyes open. It makes no difference really, as long as we have this area of consciousness within us that is praying without ceasing.

Now, when we have a longer period as a period at home or in a reading room or in our church or temple where we can really sit down for a while and commune with the Spirit within, the only form of prayer that brings the demonstration of God’s grace into the fullness of our lives is the kind of prayer in which we go to God with a pure heart. I’m seeking nothing. I’m asking for nothing. I’m desiring no favors. I’m not asking for God power over anything or anybody. I don’t want God to destroy my enemies. In fact, I want God to forgive my enemies. “No, I’m just coming with a pure heart. Father, search my heart. Whatever is in it of an erroneous nature, cleanse it and then let thy grace descend upon me.” 

You see this is living a life of prayer and it cannot fail because you’re not going to God with pretenses. You’re not going to God, well I hear this once in awhile: “As soon as I make my demonstration of supply I want to give you a sum of money for a good purpose.” And that’s very sad, that’s very sad. It’s fooling nobody, except ourselves because we really believe it, if we’re foolish enough to say it. No, no, no let us not do this.

Let us go to God without promises. Let us go to God without bribes. Just let us go to God and say, “You know the intents of my heart. Cleanse it. May Thy grace be upon me. Speak Lord thy servant heareth.” And be assured, it will not be long until you have developed enough for the fourth dimensional consciousness that you will receive answers.

Out here in this room there is neither good nor evil. Whatever good takes place in this room must take place as your consciousness and mine otherwise no good will take place. In the same way no evil can take place in this room of itself. Evil could only enter this room through the consciousness of an individual. And if you refuse to let evil enter or flow through your consciousness, it cannot get into this room. If you permit yourself to open your consciousness to the flow of God, this room will be so full of His love that every cripple will pick up their bed and walk and every blind man and woman will open their eyes and all of the spiritually barren will be fertilized. But everything must take place through consciousness.

Now since there are no problems out here, there are no problems in my life except such as I admit through my mind. A problem can only exist in what we call universal human mind and then find outlet through an individual. If I refuse to let it flow out from me, the problem is dead. Therefore, realize this. Problems have no reality. Problems are but the universal belief in two powers. And the very moment I acknowledge this and accept God as omnipotence, I am destroying the problem in the only place where it existed and that is in my own erroneous thinking. 

Here too you see we are living the life of prayer when we permit our consciousness to be used as an outlet for the word of God, an inlet and an outlet for the word of God. We are not living the life of prayer if we indulge malpractice. And we are indulging malpractice every time that we lie about anybody at any time. The moment we say he is sick or she is sick, we are malpracticing. The moment we say he is dishonest or she is dishonest, we are malpracticing and we are allowing ourselves to be used as an instrument for the universal belief in two powers. 

Now out in the human world the people have no way of knowing this and no way of knowing that they can decide to live by prayer. It is only as you come into the metaphysical movements, only as you begin to be instructed by those who are in spiritual understanding and wisdom that you learn that you can, you can live joyously, prosperously by living the life of prayer. And prayer does not mean asking for anything. As a matter of fact I read today in your Science of Mind Magazine the…under the word, I think, abundance, the most beautiful, the most beautiful setting forth of how to pray without outlining what we shall pray for but praying only for God’s grace, for God’s beauty, for God’s joy. 

Well don’t you see that only those who are taught in this way have the opportunity of knowing the fruitage of a life by prayer and knowing that this is a life by prayer. It is not a life by prayer to say, “Oh God give me supply, or “Oh God give me a  home, or “Oh God take my rheumatism away.” This is not a life of prayer. This is a life of selfishness. We are not seeking God. We are seeking loaves and fishes. We are seeking to use God for a purpose. This is not a life of prayer. A life of prayer is a life devoted to communion with God. Not for any purpose except that of communion, of joy.

Just think what it means to tabernacle with God. Think what it means to be able to once, twice, three times a day, to retire for ten, fifteen or twenty minutes and just sit in the silence with God, and without a desire, without a request, without a demand; just to know Him aright. This is a life of prayer, and this life of prayer develops this fourth dimensional consciousness, and brings us eventually to a state of consciousness in which we neither hate, fear, nor love evil. Think of that. We neither hate, fear nor love evil. When you have arrived at that state of consciousness even in a measure, you have attained the fourth dimensional consciousness that can heal the sick, can bring forgiveness and deliverance to the sinner, can increase, multiply the supply of those who need it. But it must be a consciousness that no longer hates, fears or loves evil, a consciousness that no longer fears death. Why should it? Neither life nor death can separate me from God’s love, God’s life, God’s Spirit or God’s grace. 

As many times a day as you can think of it at first, later you’ll do it without consciously thinking about it, as many times a day as is possible, blink the eyes if its only for a second and remember omnipresence or omnipotence or omniscience. Every time you remember the word omniscience, you will know that you don’t have to tell God what you need. You won’t have to tell God where you want to be or what you want to have. All you have to do is think the one word, omniscience and you will instantaneously know that God already knows.

Every time you think of omnipresence you will know that it’s already present whatever it was you were thinking of. Every time you think of omnipotence you will know that there is no power that can deprive you of life eternal, of harmony, of peace, of grace, of spiritual abundance. The very word omnipotence is the assurance to you that there is no power but God, for God could not be all power and there still be a power of evil for you to fear.

So just think that to lead and live by a life of prayer, you really can sum it down to one word permitted in consciousness once in awhile, or a brief scriptural citation. Oh the life of prayer after the first month or two is quite an easy one. The first month or two is very difficult. We just, most of us, weren’t brought up to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, and so we do not know how to live praying constantly. But after a couple months of this practice you could no more go through a fifteen minute stretch without some conscious realization of God than you could go fifteen minutes without breathing. It’s impossible. And then you’ll find why and how Paul eventually could say, “I live yet not I Christ liveth my life. I live not by might nor by power, but by God’s Spirit, by grace. I live without taking thought for the morrow—what I shall eat or what I shall drink. I live because I know that God is omniscience, already knows my need God is omnipotence and no power can keep it from me. God is omnipresence and it is already where I am.”

Thank you.