Most amazing discovery of being out-of-time is that as a human being you are trying to connect events in time as if they were related. You literally force continuity on them and there see them as if they are appearing on a timeline. But the events are not related.

If you ever watch a series on TV you see the same. All characters in the show appear to have there own story-line. They all seem to be related and are happening chronologically. The fact that you see snippets of them and you all glue them together you happily accept and even see it as intelligence to “get” the story. Of course there is no truth in perceiving like this. Isn’t that funny to discover?

So if there is no link to the past and there is no future, when are all events happening? You mean that history didn’t form me to what I am now? You mean that if I believed that history shaped me to what I appear to be now I don’t see myself as what I really am now?

Since you were created perfectly, there is no space for anything else. There is no room for past or future. Your perfection is whole right now. You are not able to perceive and experience that until you let go of any idea about yourself that is rooted in time. Any idea that is related to a time-continuity of events. Any idea that is related to the world that you use as a stage for your time-continuity. Indeed there is no way that you can do that as you know yourself now. You will have to be born anew.