Many of you believe you are on a spiritual path. You will know if that is true by your willingness to feel and experience wholly exactly what is in front of you, moment to moment. Whoo! So if you have enmity with another, if you have a conflict with another and you sit in your chair and decide to do what you call pray or meditate, in order to change the feeling state within yourself, and you arise later and say, “There, I’m feeling much better now,” but the issue has not been solved with another, nothing has changed. Go, therefore, to the other. Open your heart, share, resolve. If you have offended another, ask them their forgiveness. If you have judged another, admit it. Ask for their forgiveness. It is only in such a way that you can truly heal the place of conflict within.

(p83) Beloved friends, the essence of this hour’s message is quite simple:

(p84) Where are you now? Are you willing to allow yourself to see everything around you and within you as the doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven, waiting only for you to acknowledge its presence and to open it? Are you willing to truly be right where you are — wholly, right where you are? And the mind says,

(p85) Well, of course. I’m on a spiritual path.

(p86) Rest assured, if you look well into your feelings and find any trace of resistance, you have not yet made the necessary commitment that gives you the power to open that door.

(p87) Feeling is the message of this hour. For it is only through feeling that you truly awaken. Concepts and ideas can begin to direct the mind to believe that there is something out there that is attractive that might even be better than what you’ve been doing before. But concepts and ideas do not, in themselves, open the door. They are symbols, and that is all. And a symbol can not quench your thirst. It is only at the level of genuine feeling that you can once again know the presence of God Who dwells within you, around you, and through you, even now.

(p88) Feel what you have created as a substitute for the Truth. Own it, look upon it, then let it go. Learn that regardless of what choice you may have made in the past, that once you have embraced it, once you have felt it, you remain perfectly innocent and imbued with the power to choose again … to feel, to learn once again to feel the glorious warmth that permeates the Kingdom of Heaven.

Excerpt lesson 6: Way of the Heart

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