This is my prayer for today. From The Way of the Heart lesson 6 an excerpt:

Father, let’s get on with it. Enough time has been wasted. Its gone, its okay, it doesn’t matter. Now! I am committed to Love. Bring on whatever I must experience to bring up from the depth — the places that I’ve hid it within me — every obstacle that must yet be dissolved by the Light of the Grace of Perfect Love. And I will do whatever I can, from my side of the fence, to open up those places, to feel those places, to embrace those places, to love those places, to claim those places as wholly self-created.

As of this date on your calendar, there have only been a handful of beings who have truly lived Life upon this plane, a very small handful. There are many of us that would just absolutely be thrilled if you would join the club! And I’ll let you in on a little secret: until you do, you don’t get to graduate. You will never leave this plane, filled with conflict and suffering as it seems to be, until you have lived the experience of walking this Earth wholly as the thought of Love in form, with no other allegiances but to Love. You will never leave this plane. You will never take up your cross and follow me. You will spin around again and again and again, only to be confronted by the same need to decide wholly for Love.