God Realization Is Pure Demonstration
1956 Second Steinway Hall Practitioner Class 
Tape 147B
by Joel S. Goldsmith

147B God-Realization-is-Pure-Demonstration

Now, I have no way of knowing at this moment, where or when we will meet in class work again. The activity of the Infinite Way has travelled so far, gone so far, that it is necessary to keep up with it. As you know, I do not ever travel to any city or any country for the purpose of carrying the message of the Infinite Way. But, when the Infinite Way has gone before me into a city or a country, and a call comes to carry it to those who are already its students, then I follow after and go to where the call is, and prepare the way for those who will carry the message later. And so it is, that immediately before us is this trip to Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. And, what will take place on my return, I do not of this moment know. It is clear, however, that when the next class work is held in the United States, that work will have to be held in Chicago and in the Pacific Northwest.

Directions point us that way at this present time. If there is any change, you will hear of it in the monthly letter. Something new took place, in New York City this year, in our lecture work. For the first time in my memory, the lecture work was actually class work. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that the lecture work went ahead of a lot of class work that I can remember. I don’t think it’s going to be fair to the catalogue to call that lecture work. Somebody may think that it’s not too important. I think that the four lectures held here may be as important as the class work. More especially, I would like to call your attention to this; I made reference to the first and second chapters of Genesis; to the pure creation of Spirit. Now, follow me in that creation, will you? And try to see that, let us say; behind me now is an invisibility, just space, empty space, air that you can not see.

And out of that, let’s call it “nothingness”; out of that nothingness, or void that is just behind me, there begins to appear a “me” sitting in this chair. And as it continues to unfold, it reveals a “you” sitting out there. Out of this nothingness, or void, appears men and women; a universe, sun, stars, moon. You had nothing to do with it. I had nothing to do with it. Out of nothingness, a void, we appeared; an immaculate conception. Not only the image and likeness of the creative principle, but actually the creative principle itself, expressing Itself in these individual forms. Expressing Itself as these individual forms.

Now, carrying that a step further, let us say that not one of us in this room has the power to do anything, think anything, or be anything. Only that invisible which is behind me, sending Itself forth through me and through you, only It can do. Only It can act. Only It can think. Only It can be. We are that which It is being. Think. We have no mind of our own to think with. We have no life of our own to gain our lose. We have no power to be anything, do anything, not even to think anything. We sit here, as it were, waiting expectantly always, letting It express Itself through us. We don’t know what to say one minute from now. We do not know where to go one hour from now. We have no will of our own. We have no desire of our own. Only It is expressing Itself, and we are willing to do Its will. We are willing to go uptown, if It says so, Or downtown, or cross town. We are willing to go to our homes this very day, before the class is over, if It says so. We are perfectly willing to stop our work at any moment.

Or, we are willing to sit here all day and remain all night. We are subject to Its will. We are subject to Its law. Now, just think of a condition like that, in which we can truthfully say to ourselves; “I have no obligations to anyone. I have no obligations even to my family. My only obligation is to sit here, and let the will of God be made manifest through me. If the will of God sends me off into the wilds of the wilderness to perform Its work, I must go. If the will of God sends me home to keep house, to perform family functions, that also becomes my will. But I of myself have no desire. I of myself will, in this moment, acknowledge no obligation, no debt to anyone. Not to anyone. Just to sit here and be still, let the will of God express Itself through me. Let the will of God express Itself in me. As a matter of fact, even go further; let the will of God perform that which is given me to do. I separate myself, in this moment, from all human ties. I acknowledge my relationship to God. I acknowledge my relationship to God as the very Son of God, the very child of God, the offspring, the image, the God Itself in individual form. I acknowledge God as my being, as my will. I acknowledge God as my only obligation, my only duty, my only loyalty. My only debt is to fulfill that which God gives me to do.” Do you see how, individually then, how completely we are one with the God in self-surrender? How completely we leave each one in this room to be, if you want to call it that, at the mercy of God instead of each other. Instead of us considering that we are called upon to bless each other, help each other, do for each other, we surrender all that. We surrender every single bit of obligation to each other, and say; “I owe you nothing. And you owe me nothing. Whatever the will of God is for me at this moment, I will do it. If it’s to get up, walk out of this room, I’ll get up, walk out of this room, with no thought of anybody else, no consideration, no concern.” Then you think of your family, and say; “Can I do that, in relationship to my family?” If you can’t, you don’t love your family. And you don’t love your family because you don’t trust God. If you can not, in this moment, feel that every member of your family has the same God that you have, and that the same God loves them equally to Its love for you and for me, you have not yet arrived at the realization of God as the Father of all mankind. “Call no man on earth your father, for one is your Father; the Father in Heaven.” The spiritual Father. Unless you can absolutely feel that you are as at one with God as a sunbeam is at one with sun, and with no concern for any other sunbeam; unless and until you can come to this full realization of God constituting your very being, your very life, your very soul, your very mind, your very will, you can not release your family. If you can not release your families, you can not release those who would come to you as patients or as students. Unless you can feel that God is the individuality, God is the sum and substance of your being, your family’s being, your patient’s being, you are not releasing them in God, you are trying to play God to them. Over and over, you have learned in the message of the Infinite Way, that our sole loyalty is to God. Our sole reliance is upon the Father within. Our sole hope and confidence is in the act of self-surrender, so that we can say; “Thy will be done, not mine. Thy will be done.” And then release each one on this globe to the care of the Father.

Now, you see the relationship that comes when you can feel that this message coming through me is coming from the Father to you. It does not put me in any position of being obligated to you. It puts you in no position of being obligated to me. It is the Father’s will that I sit here and voice this. It is the Father’s will that you are sitting here hearing it. It is the Father’s will that each one of us leave here afterward, and let this word fulfill itself in us, in our individual ways. We can be grateful to each other. We can share with each other. But we accept no responsibility for each other.