Today at 1pm CST there will be another Online Meditation. But I call it healing too. See what we will contemplate today and you will know why, from How To Heal  40 day meditations, day 29:

Contemplative prayer or contemplative meditation, and you may also call it treatment, whenever I find it necessary to treat, that is the form of my treatment. I will sit down, take whatever problem you’ve given me, and drop it in my wastebasket. And then I turn to God, and I begin to contemplate God:

God is one,

God is law,

God is individual being,

God is the only life,

God as divine Presence,

God as Omnipresence,

God as Omnipotence,

God as the all-knowing mind and the divine love of the Universe.

And I continue that form of quiet, inner, peaceful contemplation until I arrive at a place where no more thoughts come, and then I just sit there quietly for a few minutes. And my treatment or prayer is ended. Usually it ends with that deep breath coming to me to let me know that it’s over, and God is on the scene.