1955 Capetown Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
707A – Start the Flow to God

Good evening friends, good evening.
It is very necessary that first of all, we be relaxed, comfortable, and above all that we meet in a very friendly way. The subject of God is not a very simple one, and it isn’t easy to speak to those you have not known, certainly, those you have not personally known, because probably the most misunderstood word in all the languages on earth is that word “God.” God is the central theme of the message of The Infinite Way.

Very often as I travel, people will say, “What do you do? What is your business?” And I have to say, “I haven’t any business. I just write.”
“Oh, novels? Fiction?”
“No, no.”
“Well what is it then?”
And always I’m in the same fix. I don’t know what it is, except that inwardly I know it’s God, but that’s such a strange thing to say to people, “I write about God.” But eventually I have to say that, and ‘Well what’s the name of your book?” And I have to say, “Well there are about twenty published books and twenty-five more coming.” “All on God?” “Yes, all on God. I have never changed the subject.”

Well now you know, that in itself is strange, but the thing that makes it strange is this, that very few people know what I mean when I say “God,” because I seem to mean something different than many imagine. As a matter of fact, I am sure from my experience, that most people not only believe in God, but to some extent they actually believe they know what God is. As a rule, our students, after a year or two of study, begin to tell me that they never have known what God is, and now they’re beginning to realize how difficult it is.

The reason it is difficult is this: Regardless of what you may think about God, you’re wrong, and you can’t be right, and you never will be right. There never will be a time when anybody on the face of the globe will be right in what they think about God. The reason is that as long as we are thinking about God, we are entertaining concepts about God, and those concepts are based on our previous experience, or childhood religion, or what someone has said, or written, or thought, or spoken. And it never comes down until one has become a very serious student of the subject for many years; it rarely comes down to an actual experience with God. And that of course, is the final say on the subject of what is God, after you have met God face to face.

And so you can imagine that when I speak to an audience …
I will bring you two passages of Scripture: Cast your bread upon the waters.“ “To him that hath shall be given; from him that hath not shall be taken away even the little that he hath.” That sounds like a very cruel thing: To him that hath shall be given; from him that hath not shall be taken away even the little that he hath. But this is a spiritual truth, and it actually functions in our experience.

You see: The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, but, Son, all that I have is thine. The kingdom of God is within you. Ye are children of God; if children, heirs; if heirs, joint-heirs with Christ to all the heavenly riches. All of which indicates that you now have the fullness of the Godhead bodily; you have all that God has.

Now again I remind you, that it may not appear so, looking with the eyes, hearing with the ears: hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, seeing. It may not appear to the five physical senses that you have all that God has, or even a tiny little bit. As a matter of fact, it may even appear that you lack something. But remember this, you are not to judge by appearances. You are to judge righteous, or spiritual judgment, and spiritual judgment, that is, spiritual discernment, reveals that all that God is, I am; all that the Father hath is mine; all that God is, you individually are; the allness of God is made manifest as the allness of the Son. God is both the Father and the Son: God the Father, God the Son.

Now, when you acknowledge this, you are knowing the truth, and the truth shall make you free, free from discordant appearances or experiences. But the truth you must know is that nothing can be added to you, that you cannot get anything, you cannot achieve anything, you cannot demonstrate anything, because all that the Father hath is already yours. The life of God is your life; therefore your life is eternal. The mind of God is your mind; therefore you have infinite intelligence. God the soul is your individual soul; therefore you are as pure as God. Outward appearances have nothing to do with it. Outward beliefs about yourself or others have nothing to do with it. Outward actions in contradiction to that have nothing to do with it.

The truth of the matter is that God the Father is made evident as God the Son, and you are that Son of God. You, in your spiritual identity are the full Christ, or Son of God, endowed with the power to multiply loaves and fishes, heal the sick, raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind. Always remember this: the Christ is the Comforter. The Christ is the Son of God. The Christ it is that multiplies loaves and fishes, heals the sick, raises the dead, preaches the gospel to the poor, opens the eyes of the blind, and that gift of Christhood is your true being. Now your acknowledgment of this is knowing the truth, and that truth that ye know, will make you free from these human beliefs and appearances, and theories and rumors.

All right, the moment you acknowledge “I have not … I lack,” that very moment you have not only made this true for yourself, but much more true tomorrow than it is today, because from the moment that you acknowledge you have not, the little that you have will be taken from you. So that, whether you say “I haven’t enough supply,” or “I haven’t enough understanding;” the moment you say them or think them, you’re on the way to losing what little you have.

Whereas, if you have only as much as the disciples had when they had a few loaves and fishes, and acknowledge “we have a few loaves and fishes,” then the loaves and fishes will be multiplied. If, like the widow with the cruse of oil, you acknowledge,“I have a few drops of oil,” your oil will be multiplied. But heaven forbid that she should say, “I haven’t enough,” then truly it would prove to be an insufficiency. Had disciples said, “Oh, we haven’t enough,” it would have been for them an insufficiency. But when the Master recognizes, “We have some loaves and fishes;” when the Hebrew master recognizes, “We have some drops of oil,” ah ha, that is when the multiplication begins.

Now the very moment that you claim that the infinite wisdom of God is yours, all of God’s love is yours, all of immortality is yours, all eternal life is yours, all of “My peace” is yours. My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth. No, no, no, no, not just more money, or more health, or more… No, no, “My peace,” a spiritual state of consciousness which knows no lack or limitation or destruction.

Now, we go back to the first evening, when I said that spiritual Sonship is your true identity. Now do you see what I mean? Spiritual Sonship with all of the fullness of that meaning is your true identity, and in spite of any appearances that may now surround you, you must know the truth. You must know the truth of your relationship to God. You must know the truth of your true identity, which is God manifest, God revealed, God individualized, God expressed. That is your true identity, and you must know it, and you must know that therefore the qualities of God are the qualities of your individual being. Then, every moment that temptation says to you … “You lack supply, or lack companionship, or lack a home, or lack health,” you have to turn upon it: “Get thee behind me Satan; stop trying to tempt me to believe that I am not the full and complete Son of God. Get thee behind me, for I declare, regardless of appearances, All that the Father hath is mine. The very place whereon I stand is holy ground, because God is here, and the allness of God, and the fullness of God, and the fulfillment of God is where I am. Herein is God glorified, that I bear much fruit.” That must be your knowing of the truth always, in spite of the appearances that come to tempt you.