Well, there was a time when no airplanes flew. But the laws of aerodynamics always existed, but they existed as the word, as the Invisible law, the unknown law, intangible. And then one day, the Wright brothers caught it, hooked it up. Now, I mean before the airplane flew, when it was nothing but an idea in their mind, it had become flesh. It had taken form. It had become concrete. It was witnessed. It was evidenced. It was manifest. From then on, all they had to do was externalize it in another form of flesh, which today is and tomorrow’s burned up. Now, that external form can fly today and can be put in the bonfire tomorrow. Now, we have a different form of flesh. Now, we have an externalized form of flesh, which is as grass, which today flourisheth but tomorrow is withered, burned up.

So it is that the Word, which is God, the Unmanifest, becomes manifest as the Christ or Son of God, and it’s now a manifested idea in Consciousness. Now that is a relationship between God and His Son, Christ, which means that that is the relationship between God and your infinite, eternal being, your individual being. And so in the Mind, which is God, and of the Mind, which is God, you are now flesh, manifest, evidenced, witnessed. You are God incarnate. You are now form. You are individuality, because there’s four billion of us on Earth, and four billion that came before us, and four billion that are going to come after, and all exist right now in the Mind of God. Those that were, those that are, and those that will be. All exists now in the flesh, in Spiritual form and integrity, eternality and immortality.

Now what’s happened? Out here I see your bodies. And that which I see as your body is not your body. It is my concept of your body, or it is a concept or a universal concept of your body, but it isn’t your body. And so what I am beholding has no existence, except in my mentality. You out there are the Word made flesh. Well, I can’t see it, because this physical sense has intervened between, and so all I can see is my concept of you as you are. Now, that concept of you can never know God. It can never know reality. It can never know you as you are. That concept of you must die.

In other words, even forgetting physical body, the concept that I entertain of you as man or woman must die, because no matter what I think of you today, you’ll be something entirely different to me next year. Either I’d think of you as having greater degree of spiritual unfoldment or lesser degree, or as having stood still. That may have no relationship to you, that may still be only my concept of you, and that concept of you can never know reality. And as long as I entertain that concept of you, I’ll never know reality.

When I get rid of that and stop judging, and stop putting a label on you, and stop saying how spiritual are you or how spiritual aren’t, or what is the degree of your integrity, or honesty, loyalty, fidelity. When I stop judging whether you’re young or old by appearances, close my eyes to appearances, and let God define what you are, and who you are, and where you are, the answer will be “this is my Son, my beloved Son, in whom I’m well pleased,” because that’s actually what we are. Actually, we are the Word made flesh. But it’s a flesh, a form, an Infinite individuality and an Infinite body that is eternal. But what I behold as flesh is my concept of that and that concept can never know reality.

And so we’ll say, “In my flesh, I shall see God.” That is, in my Spiritual realization, in my individual embodiment, I can close my eyes and know God. But, if I look out with my eyesight, I can never know God or the Son of God. Neither one. You’ll find that in two lessons we’ve had this week: The Infinite Invisible and Christhood.

Now, the Word made flesh is God incarnate as individual being, as you and I really are. But, this other flesh, “The flesh profiteth nothing. Those that live after the flesh. No flesh shall see the glory of God. Flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” That means concepts. Translate that word, flesh, into concepts. Your earthly concepts will never get into Heaven. Your human concepts will never be Spiritual. Your human concepts will never reveal God.

Now, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you cannot see your body nor can you see your flesh, because the you that’s looking is the embodiment and the flesh. But what you see in the mirror is the world’s concept of body and flesh. And that is changeable. The higher you go in Consciousness, the better that body will look and feel, showing that all concepts change. If you can accept the belief of age and disease, that concept will know death, and nothing can save it from death. On the other hand, you can bring about its death yourself in a painless way by outgrowing it. As you realize, more and more, the nature of the Word made flesh, you drop the mortal concept of body, and then ultimately, you’ll find yourself with a diseaseless, ageless, and painless body. Outwardly, it will still look like an improved concept, but it won’t be. It will be your realization made manifest.

Now, flesh beheld through the senses is really our concept of our real Identity. Flesh apprehended spiritually in meditation means our Spiritual form, not only of body but of being. And so, realize this. God, in individualizing Itself as your being and mine, has been made flesh, evident, tangible. What we behold with the senses is our concept of flesh and that must die. Whether it dies through our permitting old age and disease to get it, or whether it dies by our transformation of consciousness, that lies with you. If you keep on accepting the world’s judgment, then someday your flesh will die through age or disease. If, however, you keep abiding in My Word and letting My Word abide in you, if you will keep God filling your consciousness and the realization of God as the Source of all being, if you once get behind this orthodox nonsense that only Jesus was the begotten of God and accept Jesus’ own word that no man on earth is your father, that God is the Creative Principle of your being and of your body, then you will die to the flesh through transformation. And the flesh will take on ever better appearances and feelings, more vitality, more of youth and strength, but it will happen through a transformation of consciousness, not through a physical death.

Well, it is the same way, those that live to the flesh will die. Those that live by concepts will die. In other words, anything that has an externalized form to sense, we’ll take money for an example. Anybody who lives by judging of how much or how little money they have, or with their dependence on money, must eventually die, for the simple reason that they’re starving. You don’t live on money. You live on every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. For those who live on or through the belief that money is their supply, they are dying right now of malnutrition.

Now, we live not by external bread, or meat, or money alone but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. That’s why a physical culturist perfects a wonderful body up to a certain point, with his diet and exercise, and then begins to deteriorate ten times faster than normal, because he’s built it on artificial values that have no sustaining value. But the person who is sensible with what they eat realizes that it isn’t what goes in the mouth, it’s what proceedeth out of the mouth. In other words, what comes out of one’s consciousness that really feeds the body, maintains it, and sustains it.

Now, as you act sensibly in your outer food relationships, eating those things you like while avoiding the more destructive elements of food—there are some—and giving no further thought, but living every day in meditation, in contemplation of the Word of God, you will soon find that you will not be dying of malnutrition. You will really and truly be fed from within. “I have meat the world knows not of.” Now that meat is flesh. But the meat on the butcher’s table is a form of flesh, which today is and tomorrow isn’t. It is a concept, a belief about the real flesh, which is the inner meat, the inner bread, the staff of life.