And by this time, you have contemplated quite a bit along this line of Oneness, Divinity. And now you can say, “speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” And then wait in silence. And pretty soon you’ll feel that breath, that deep breath, or that release, or that feeling God is on the scene, or you may even hear a voice. And then you will know that your meditation for that time is complete.

Well, perhaps with your next meditation, you have some form of illness to take up for somebody, and so again, you read a little while. And if you are reading the Infinite Way writings, you’ll probably very quickly come to some statement that will reassure you that there is but one Power and that this condition wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for universal belief in two powers.

And so you’ll put the book down, and you’ll contemplate the subject of one Power. And, of course, since God is that one Power, you are back again to contemplating the subject of God. And so we have God as Power, God as infinite Power. But now, if God is infinite Power, is there any power in this condition that we have called sin or disease? If God truly is Omnipotence, all Power, is there any power in an effect, in a form?

Now remember, God is the infinite formless. God is the infinite Invisible, and God is infinite Power. Then all Power is in the infinite Invisible. And so, there is no power in this form. Whether the form is called sickness, infection, contagion, age, climate, whether. Think of this a minute. God is Invisible. All Power must be Invisible, if God is infinite. Therefore, there is no power in the visible.

And so, let us take in our contemplation for a minute, the seed that we spoke of, I think last night. The seed that we are going to plant. Is there any power in that seed? And the answer is no. Because the seed is going to remain a seed forever, unless you put it back into its native element. When you do, something Invisible begins to operate upon this seed, and in the seed, and through the seed. The Invisible operates in the soil, around the seed. And the first thing you know, that Invisible something is causing the seed to break open. And then something within the seed to sprout, to take root. And eventually to work its way up through the ground.

And as someone wrote me here just this week, they were witness to a plant, a mushroom that had grown up through one inch of asphalt and had broken open the asphalt. A mushroom had done this. Had the mushroom done it or had the invisible Power that was working through the mushroom, this had done it. Because had the mushroom done it, it would have been smashed and broken. If we took our hand and tried to smash one inch of asphalt, our hand would be smashed. And so, it couldn’t have been the mushroom, but it was the invisible Power that was operating in and through the mushroom, and it went before the mushroom to make the crooked places straight, to remove obstacles, to remove mountains, to remove Red Seas.

So it is, when you are contemplating in your healing work, and you are thinking of the Power of God, think of that Power as an invisible Power, and then you will know that there is no power in the visible form or effect, but it is the invisible Power that goes through the form and through the effect to purify, to cleanse, to maintain, to sustain, to prepare a way for it, to make the crooked places straight, to provide many mansions.

You will be surprised, as you contemplate the subject of one Power from a standpoint of its invisibility, how quickly you will lose the fear of persons, of things, of conditions, of circumstances because now you will have an inner conviction, all Power is in the invisible, and therefore, I need not fear what the mortal, the material, the visible can do to me.

Now, the Master says to Pilate, the great temporal power, “thou couldst have no power.” Why? Because all power is in the Invisible. Now having come to end of that contemplative meditation on the subject of infinite all Power, again, “speak Lord, thy servant heareth. I’m listening. I am receptive and responsive.” And then again just a few seconds, five or ten, twenty, thirty of silence, of inner peace. And then comes the assurance, and you are through with that meditation.

Probably the next time you sit down, you’ll read something, and some problem will be on your mind that has to do with Law, and so you will take Law as the subject of your meditation. Law. Law. What do I know about Law? Well, the first thing I know is that God is the Law Giver. God is the Law Giver? Yes, that’s what we’re taught. That’s what Scripture tells us. God is the Law Giver. Is that true? Well, who made the laws of mathematics? Who made the laws of science? Who made the laws of automotive engineering? Who made the laws of television? Did man make those or did he discover those?

Well, of course, he discovered them. They were already made. The laws of wireless telegraphy, the laws of navigation. Nobody invented those. Nobody created those. They were discovered. Well, who made them? Well, they must have been here before there was a man on earth. Therefore, they always existed in the mind of God. And they existed as Law. The laws of mathematics, the laws of aerodynamics, the laws of music, the laws of composition, the laws of art, the laws of bridge building, the laws of architecture. No man made them. God was the Law Giver. Well, God is Infinite. Therefore, God made all the Laws that exist, and they must all be made in the image and likeness of God, because God could not create anything destructive to Himself. God could not create anything destructive to His own Creation, for God is Love and God is Wisdom. Therefore, all of the Laws that exist are Laws of Wisdom and of Love.

Well, what about these other laws? Laws of disease, laws of sin. Well, they aren’t laws at all. Because you cannot have God, a Law Giver, and laws of disease and death. No they, it just doesn’t go in the same world. You can’t have light and darkness occupying the same place. You can’t have life and death occupying the same place. You can’t have God and disease occupying the same place. Therefore, whatever Laws there are, are Laws of God, and these are Laws of good. And anything parading as law, anything counterfeiting law, anything believed to be law, which is not of God, is not law and does not have power. Does a judge have power? Does a jury have power? No, the Law has Power, and the Law is invisible and impersonal and impartial, for the Law is of God.

And so you contemplate the subject of Law. And again, you come to the end of your contemplation. “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” Now you are receptive. The ears are open and in a few moments comes that inner peace, that glow, that something that tells you that this meditation is complete.

And, so it is, that whatever subject comes up into your life, whether in the nature of a problem, or in the nature of a decision, whatever event comes up must be the subject of meditation. Be assured that I mean this that, if you are going out to buy a suit of clothing or a dress, you really shouldn’t do it without a meditation. Why? Well, it’s easy enough to buy clothing humanly, but it isn’t quite the clothing that you would find and buy or the price you would find it at, if you first meditated. Not on buying clothing. Meditate on God as your Wisdom, God as the Love, God as your Caretaker, God as that which provides for you. Then out you would go and find that God had literally provided for you much better, much more reasonably than your human wisdom could have led you to.

Anything that concerns your life is not too small for meditation, and the reason is that the more you practice this meditation, the more you come to that place where you do not live by your own wisdom or your own power, but where you live by Grace.