And so you will know that one of two things will happen to you. Either in your period of meditation you will touch your very soul, which is God, or you will touch that mind that was in Christ Jesus, or you will touch the mind of John, or you will touch the mind or consciousness of some other liberated soul, just as dozens touched that of Boehme and dozens touched that of Whitman. You may touch that. You may touch the very Christ itself. And you may come to it without touching any intermediary. You may touch the very throne of God.

And if you do not attain it that way, you still can attain it through the consciousness of a teacher on this plane. There are teachers on this plane who have opened the consciousness of students to the realization of their Christhood. And it may be that you will touch the consciousness of such a teacher, or a book. That may do it for you, because it can come in those ways. But of this you may be assured, that if it comes once and never again you’re going to lead a very frustrated life. If it comes once and is to come regularly again, it will have to be because of your devotion, and your devotion, not to a man or a book, but your devotion to the practice of meditation and communion and prayer. Because it is in meditation, communion and prayer that we actually touch the center of being, and find our God – and so that is why provision has been made for so much meditation in our work. Of course, you only see this fifteen minutes before the meeting and so are not aware of the hours that take place before the meeting begins, both during the night and during the day.

Now let us see what we have here.

Q: “Man is an individuation of God.” And that’s in quotes.

A: I don’t know who said so but I’m sure it isn’t true, I’m sure that it isn’t true. You never can start a statement of truth with the word man, and that’s certain. Every word of truth must be started with the word God! Now man is not an individuation of God, man is not an individualization of God, man is not a spark of God, man is not a divine spark. None of those things are true. God is the life of man. I presume the word man here means individual being. God is the life of individual being. God is the soul and God is the mind, God is the consciousness, God is the spirit of individual being.

But since God is indivisible, all that God is, individual being is, and he’s not a spark of it; he’s not a little bit of it. If man was a little bit of God then it would take all the men on earth to make a complete God, and then God would be made up of man, or a lot of men. Oh no! We can’t have that. We can’t have that! That is one of those statements that is evolved through looking at appearances and trying to trace it back to God. Now you can’t trace an individual back to God by looking at appearances. Because looking at appearances, it’s true; he seems to be a separate being. He seems to be a male and a female. Oh, there’s no such thing in God at all! God is infinite, indivisible being, and God is individual being, and all that the Father hath is mine. And so there’s no spark about that; there is completeness.

Now then, every time you look at an effect, or every time you look at a mortal, or every time you look at a human being and try to trace them back to God, you’re going to make the same mistake that religion has been making for seven thousand years. You cannot look at an individual and trace them back to God, without having God as Superman. No wonder the Hebrews of old had God sitting on a cloud with a white beard.

Don’t you know that when Moses communed with God he took Aaron with him? And Aaron stood and watched to see that the people wouldn’t come nigh. Now why do you think that would be? I don’t mind, when I commune with God, if you are sitting here. Now why do you think that Moses objected to his people looking on? Well, only for one reason, they hadn’t learned anything about an invisible God or any other kind of a God. They knew not what God was. And if they had seen Moses standing or sitting with his eyes closed, talking to himself, they would have said, “Here is a faker! He is not our leader! He claims he’s talking with God and he’s up there all alone!” That’s why Moses couldn’t let the people of that time…and probably that’s why Jesus couldn’t. He also went away for forty days to the mountaintops and communed. Because the people were not ready for the realization, they hadn’t been taught that God is invisible. And that the kingdom of God is within you! And so communing or praying within you would have been a strange thing to them.

But when I sit here and commune and say to you, “This is an inner communion with God” you are not horrified or shocked because you’ve had three quarters of a century in which you have been taught that the kingdom of God is within you, and that God is invisible. And so now you know that God is not a great big man sitting on a cloud. You’re not even shocked when Jesus says, “God is the Father within me”, because you don’t think of a great big man sitting inside of me. You don’t think of Father as man. Why? Because your consciousness has been lifted above such finite, mortal concepts of God. And now you’re ready to accept a God that cannot be defined, a God that cannot be seen with the eyes.

Now then, remember this. In our teaching of The Infinite Way we carry you one step further, and say to you not only that God is infinite and invisible, but that individual being – you, you are infinite and invisible. No one in the world has ever seen you. I can sit up here and look at a lot of bodies, but I cannot see you. You are somewhere behind those eyes looking up at me. And you’re not seeing me unless you’re looking way in back of my eyes. You may see my body, my form here, my outline, but you can’t see me. The me that’s talking to you, is way back here looking out at you. And you are way back there looking up at me. And if I look down here at your body expecting to see you, I would be disappointed.

Now you are infinite. All that the Father hath is yours. God is your life, therefore your life can’t be a spark of God; God must be your life. And the fullness of God must be the fullness of your life. You haven’t got a spark of intelligence. Heavens no! The great music of this world, the great art, the great literature, the great inventions – brought through with a spark of God? No, no, no! It was God functioning as individual being.

Now, lift up your concept of yourself! Just as this last three-quarters of a century has lifted up our concept of God, so that now we can accept an infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful being – and all that right within our own being – now we have to lift up our concept of our being and say, “All that God is, I am. All that the Father hath is mine, for I and the Father are one. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.” And then when you lift yourself up into that estate you will begin to understand the teaching of the Master.

I’ll admit this, that it was a teaching that caused him to be crucified. It’s a teaching that if we were to shout from the housetops and talk about from the streets, would cause us either to be crucified or locked up in the insane asylum. And it is for that reason, it is one of the reasons, that we don’t advertise, that we allow those to be drawn to those who are of our own household, those who are already capable of receiving and responding to the message. Don’t ever think for a moment that we could go down to the municipal auditorium and tell this to that whole crowd, or out to the baseball field. Oh no, you can’t do that! You can go out to a baseball field and crowd it and tell them they’re worms in the dust, because if they look in the mirror that confirms it. (Laughter)

But when you say to an individual, “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God!” you are not talking to his mentality, you are not talking to his intellect, you’re not talking to anybody’s previous opinions about God or man. Jesus said to Peter,  “Flesh and blood hath not told you this, but my Father, which art in heaven, my Father within you!” In other words, “How do you know I’m the Christ? Not because the brain tells it to you, not because the intellect, but because the spiritual consciousness within you has revealed it to you.” And that’s the essence of this message; Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. All that the Father hath is thine. All that God is, thou art. Thou art one with God. Thou art heir of God, joint-heir with Christ to all the heavenly riches not a spark to all the heavenly riches. It all is up to you. How wide can you open your consciousness to let the infinite Godhead flow? How much spiritual discernment have you? And how much will you develop through meditation and so forth?