We can prove this for ourselves.  Let us say that you have gone home, and have slept for two or three or four hours, and then have awakened.  You get out of bed and stay awake by yourself for a while.  Watch how you find yourself in divine company, how you lose all sense of friendlessness, of lack and limitation.  The weariness of the world is gone.  In the stillness of the night, we find ourselves alone, as was the Master in the garden.  And so, as we commune with our own inner being, very soon we will find out why the Master could find the great Hebrew masters keeping company with him, and why he could stay forty days or forty nights alone.  He was not alone.  He was in divine companionship.

And then when you return to the world, and walk the streets, and take care of your business, you will begin to learn the meaning of a Presence which walks with you, a Presence which walks beside you, and a Presence which walks behind you.  This Presence will be a joy to you, as It has been to me; It will even say, “Up to now I have walked behind or beside you.  Now I am in you”; and then you will know that there is no such thing as betrayal and desertion.  There is only the unreal picture of an illusory world to fool you and tempt you to believe in the reality of evil power.  The one reality is God, expressing Itself in individual life as divine companionship, divine protection, and divine supply – all emanations from the Infinite Invisible.  It is this Infinite Invisible which never leaves us nor forsakes us; It has been with us since before Abraham was, and It will be with us until the end of the world.

As our attention and thought are drawn away from those we think we have humanly helped, or from those who humanly owe us an obligation, we find ourselves saying, “Whatever good I can be to you, let me be; but you owe me nothing for it.”  Then and only then do we realize that divine compensation, recognition, and reward are within.  The guardian angel is always with us when we have withdrawn our gaze from without us.

Remember the Easter lesson:  “My kingdom is not of this world.”  Remember that the greatest blessing that has come to the human world has been the denial of the Master by those he fed and healed, and by his very own disciples.  The great lesson we must learn from the experience of Jesus is not to trust man whose breath is in his nostrils, not to place our faith in the outer world, but always to turn within and to become acquainted with our guardian angel, with the angel of the Lord, with our divine protector, with the very Christ of God, which has been planted in the midst of us since the beginning of all time.

Men have fashioned their human, temporal kingdoms out of gold, silver, brass, and clay.  In the seventh chapter of Daniel we learn of the finite, temporary nature of these worldly kingdoms.  Daniel tells us that a new kingdom will be set up which will never be destroyed.  This kingdom is carved out of a stone cut out of a mountain without hands!  This stone destroys all temporal kingdoms, and the work of men.  Think of this:  a stone carved out of a mountain without hands!  Is not this the work of God?  And the kingdom that shall stand forever, is not that the reign and realm of the Christ, the Power that rules “not by might nor by power buy by my spirit”?  Human life, built upon gold, silver, brass, and iron mixed with clay, is a kingdom divided against itself.  Spiritual wisdom alone, the still small voice, can destroy it and reveal the kingdom of immortality under the government of Love.