Well, when you work with these principles, and you’ll find they’re very simple after just a short while; when you start working with these and watch the response that takes place in everything around you, in everyone around you, you will know why it is that you never will heal a person by trying to correct them; you never will heal a person by trying to find out what’s wrong with them. Heaven help you if you find something wrong with an individual, they’ve got it. That has been one of the troubles with some of the mental work, that they have discovered the error in a person and then didn’t know what to do with it. You find that a person is sensual and you say, “Ah, there is your trouble, you’re sensual.” If they have any intelligence they’ll turn around and say, “Well, what can I do about it? You do something about it.” And they’d be right too, they’d be absolutely right. It’s just like a person saying they’re in terrible pain and you turning around and saying, “Oh no, pain isn’t real.” I know what I’d answer you if you did it to me, “Prove it, don’t tell me about it, prove it.” As far as the letter’s concerned, I know that evil is unreal. But if I’m going through a phase of it, “knowing it” isn’t doing me any good, and your telling it to me won’t do me any good. But if you have an inner awareness of it, that will heal it.

One of the biggest mistakes that is being made in healing work today, healing work of all natures, is this very fault of pinning the error onto the patients and then trying to eradicate it or uncover it or bring it to light or have them remove it. One of the greatest factors in spiritual healing is the ability not to think of your patients; just realize God constitutes the reality of everybody, and evil in any form, any nature, is impersonal, and has no person, doesn’t even have a law to sustain it. When you impersonalize that way and nothingize, you’ll find how different your healing work will be.

Now, those of you who have been working with the message of The Infinite Way for some time, if you’ve had any difficulty in healing work, please remember it is because you have been violating or not thinking specifically in terms of these principles, you’ve not been working properly with these principles. Those of you who have been working with other forms of metaphysical healing, either stick to those ways or try this way; don’t try to mix them. Try to understand these principles and work with them, and utilize them, and stand fast in them until you’ve either proven that they are true in your work, or for some reason or other that you cannot work with them. That does sometimes happen.

Now, as you work with these principles, you will find at first that it is very necessary to work conscientiously in your treatment with the principles, applying them. And the more and more that you work with them, the more familiar you get with them, the less you have to consciously declare them. As they get to be more and more a part of your nature, you find it less necessary to voice them; your consciousness has evolved. And what takes place eventually is this: there comes a specific day, a specific moment in a specific day, in which a transition takes place in your consciousness from that of a human mind that is knowing truth, to a spiritual mind that is truth. You find that the human mind that knew truth is dissolved; the human mind that declared truth is dissolved; the human mind that worked with truth is dissolved, and now, there is; at least in a measure, that mind which was also in Christ Jesus which is not knowing the truth, it is the Truth. And therefore, in this consciousness; you do not go through these forms, because your consciousness has developed to where all of this is your new consciousness. It isn’t a truth in your consciousness, it is your new consciousness.