Life has no beginning and it has no ending. Supposing we don’t get through with all we have to do or learn by the time we pass from view, there’s no harm in that. Remember what Paul tells us on this line: Neither life nor death can separate me from the love of God, neither life nor death can separate me from the care of God. So I’ll keep right on after what the world calls death because nothing, not even death, is going to separate me from God’s care and God’s love and God’s wisdom, certainly not as long as I can keep a listening ear for that still small voice.

Now when you get to this point it is necessary to take the next big step. This is a contradiction of all that is taught in psychiatry, psychology, and most metaphysics: there is no evil in you or me or he or she. Evil is not personal. It’s as foolish to look into your mind for whatever evil is causing your disease, as it is to look into the mind of God. You will never find evil in anyone, and very frankly you’ll never cure evil in anyone, as long as you’re treating them for it. Evil isn’t personal; evil is impersonal, it has its source in that which is called the carnal mind, but as you know there is no carnal mind. The carnal mind is only a name that is given to a belief in two powers, a universal belief. It isn’t your belief; it’s a universal belief in two powers; and that belief constitutes what we call carnal mind; and all error is in that carnal mind.

When we wish to help an individual, let’s not try to help them; let’s not call them by name; and let’s not call the name of the disease. When they ask for help, they have made a contact with us just as if I lift the receiver of my phone, I have made a contact with central. Once I make that contact with central, I can get any number anywhere around the country, almost around the world. But first I must make the contact with central, then I’m all right.

When you have made a contact with your practitioner or teacher in The Infinite Way, you have made your contact with the central agency, because it will be impossible to be a practitioner or a teacher unless one had some measure of that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, for that is what constitutes the healing consciousness. Now, it isn’t a mind of our own; it isn’t a gift of our own; it isn’t a quality of our own; it isn’t because we’re good men and women; it is the attainment of some measure of that spiritual mind, which is the healing agency.

Now, you reach out to me for help, and I may know who you are and I may not; you may tell me your name or you may not; you may tell me what it is that ails you or you may not. As far as I’m concerned it’s a matter of indifference anyway. If it makes you feel better to tell me your name or the name of your disease or the accident or the lack, that’s all right with me, but on my end I’m not listening, because even while you’re talking, I am looking over here, and I’ve lost track of you. And I am knowing that because God is omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, there is nothing but God. And whatever it is that’s claiming sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, unemployment, or whatnot, this is the carnal mind, the fabric of nothingness; this is the belief in two powers; this is a belief of a selfhood apart from God; this is a belief that there is a law apart from God. And as long as I abide up there in that, you’re not entering my consciousness … the appearance isn’t, the claim isn’t. I’m tabernacling with the Christ of you, the truth of you, the spiritual nature of you, which is God being, God presence. Because when I’m up here thinking of God, remember, “I and the Father are one,” so you are included in that God. And I have nothing to do with your human identity, the creature that is not under the Law of God, neither indeed can be. And I can’t bring the power of God to you, as a human. I can only lift you up here into God. Not the mortal, I have to drop your name and your figure, your face, your form, and just dwell on you.

You know how I know you? I can only see your eyes, and I know that behind your eyes there is you; you are looking out through your eyes. The body isn’t you, not even the eyes are you. But somewhere in back, there is you, and that you is incorporeal; it is spiritual; it is an emanation of God, as much so as a sunbeam is an emanation of the sun, yet never separate or apart from the sun, and always of the same quality and quantity of the sun. And so it is that I have nothing to do with you as a mortal. I have to do with you as manifested God being, God individually expressed. And this that you’ve presented to me as an appearance, this is a temptation coming to me; this is a hypnotic suggestion testifying to two creations; testifying to a selfhood apart from God. And I’m not accepting it, and so I’m saying to you up there, “What did hinder you, what did hinder you?”

In your first attempts at healing prayer or treatment, try this first of all: don’t believe for a minute that there’s a bad child on earth, because there isn’t; don’t believe there’s a bad cat or dog, or a sick one, there isn’t. Acknowledge this: that as far as God is concerned all that is is the image and likeness of God, and all else is antichrist, a false appearance, hypnotic suggestion, belief in two powers, arm of flesh, nothingness. All evil, regardless of the form it takes—be ready as the Master was to say to the woman taken in adultery, “Neither do I condemn thee;” be willing to say to the thief, “I’ll take you with me into paradise this very night.” In other words, neither do I condemn thee. In other words, thy sins be forgiven thee. Why? Because I’m not seeing you as a mortal. As a matter of fact, the Master has revealed exactly what’s in The Infinite Way and was revealed there, before I knew that the Master had revealed it: that good humans can’t get into heaven very easily any more than bad humans can.

There’s no room in heaven for a good human, only the Son of God gets into heaven. And being a good human is far from being the Son of God; being a good human is only the opposite of being a bad human. The Master revealed that in the experience of John the Baptist, when he said, “He’s the greatest of the Hebrew prophets, but the least of you spiritual ones will get into heaven before John the Baptist.” Why? Oh yes, he obeyed all the laws of the church; he wouldn’t break a law of the church any more than he’d break his own neck. Ah, he’s a perfect human, only one thing lacking in him, love, spiritual love, spiritual realization, conscious union with God, the ability to forgive. You know what a good churchman does, don’t you: stones the woman taken in adultery, stones her to death, crucifies a thief on the cross, good churchmen do that. Good churchmen excommunicate some of the sinners in the church. How do you think they’re ever going to get into heaven? Oh, they can obey all those rules they want, but they can’t get into heaven with that kind of obedience. You get into heaven not by excommunicating; not by sitting in judgment—forgiving seventy times seven, praying for your enemy. That’s how you get into heaven: forgiving and praying, forgiving and praying. And if you do that, you can violate a lot of church rules without getting into any trouble with God.