We are coming … and we can only bring this to the world, if we as individual students attain it. And I may say this that we can only bring it to the world in proportion as we attain it. As we find that we can live a life of grace, and that our human lives attest to the presence and power of God, only in that degree will others seek it of us. They will not seek it by our preaching it; they will not seek it by our teaching it; they will only seek it by our living it, demonstrating it, and then they will come and ask for it. That is why we cannot go out into the world and give this; we have to wait for those students to behold what it is doing in our experience, and then come to us and say, “What is it you have”? And then we can share with them either in a word, book, a pamphlet, a truth, a healing, so that they too, are not filled with our preaching, but with our demonstration of it.

We must speak little; we must demonstrate much—not only for ourselves, but for those who come to us. If they cannot feel the peace that passeth understanding in us, they will not want that which we have. If they cannot see a measure of spiritual fulfill … they won’t ask whether we’re rich or poor; they won’t ask how much we have or why. I’ve never found that anyone cared very much about those things that concern me; what they cared about was that in some way or other they felt a peace, a harmony, a lack of the world’s fears or a lack of the world’s worries.

In this same mail this morning came a letter from a small town in Idaho, telling me of a group of five or six who meet there every week to study the books. And they have been doing it for two years and this is the first time I’ve heard of it, and there again you see, they didn’t come to it by preaching, or by anyone going there to make a fuss and a to-do. Just the simplicity of the words in a book did its own work. It was its own example, because the grace of God is in those writings. Now it is so with us.

Help us to help each other to enter an era of living by grace—not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God; not by getting, but by sharing, by giving, by bestowing, but silently, not where men can see it to praise us, but where only God can witness that which we are doing.

Now that’s the era. In the world is tribulation. In Him is peace. In the realization of that I abiding within us is peace, because never again can we fear what this world can do to us. Never again can we fear what the body can do to us—our body or somebody else’s body. Never again can we be concerned whether persons are good to us or nations are good to us. Never again do we look outside that infinite source, that spring, that wellspring of life eternal, that deep pool of contentment that comes only when we realized I have achieved, because I have I.

The deep pool of contentment is never realized by anyone who has a desire, because desire it is that ruffles the calm of the surface. The deep pool of contentment comes only to those who can abide in I. I have I and in having I, I have all. I am I and in being I, I am all. I am that which I have been seeking. I am that I am and only in I amness, only in isness can come that contentment, that peace that no longer strives.

And so until Wednesday. Thank You.