The first one to announce is a talk from 1962, a follow up from “Attuning Ourselves to Our Christ”:



The next video to announce is “LOVE EXPRESSED”. Joel brings you deep into the vision of love being expressed. Like, what it means in your daily life, how is it expressed. He offers so many tools for you to see love expressed. A short excerpt:

There are going to be healings – national and international, but not, not while each one of us is sitting around hoping that the other one is treating us so that we’ll get well; but when we can forget our personal problem and say, “The divine love that flows out from me, The infinite Truth that flows out from me – even the little that I know” – it might be as little as a couple of drops of oil.

It may be as little as one Bible quotation, but let that little flow out of your consciousness in my direction, and I’ll be healed, and let it flow out of me in your direction, and you’ll be healed, and we’ll all be healed, because it will be this kind of a flow, this kind of a flow – divine love flowing back and forth from consciousness to consciousness, and then we’re all healed.

You see, healing, whether it’s physical, mental, moral, financial, or human relationships, healing of any nature isn’t something that man can do. It’s something that man can become aware of. It’s already established in him.

Amen. Now sit back and listen to this, enjoy: