Excerpt of Chapter 3 – Let There Be Light

By Joel Goldsmith

An Understanding of Spiritual Principles

Is Important in Going Into Meditation

The measure of this freedom from world discords is in proportion to the degree of our attainment of God-realization, and meditation is the most important factor in attaining that realization, especially when that meditation is backed up with an understanding of the nature of spiritual principles.light

If, however, we go into meditation with the idea that God is going to destroy sin, disease, lack, or limitation, we are setting up a barrier which prevents the very thing we are hoping for. So it is that in approaching meditation, we must realize that evil, regardless of its form, does not exist as a power in the realized presence of God; it does not exist as an entity or a force. Evil, whether it is in the form of sin, disease, lack, unemployment, wars, or threats of wars, exists only in the same way that darkness exists. Darkness is not an entity that goes somewhere when light is admitted to a room. Darkness is merely an absence of light. The moment light appears, there is no darkness; but darkness did not go any place; it has not moved out of the room. It was not in the room, there was not any “it” there was merely an absence of light. To perceive this is to understand the function of meditation and spiritual healing.