Today there isn’t a religious teaching in the world that doesn’t know and recognize and honor it. Why you know that it couldn’t be an accident. You know that it couldn’t be anything other than that the illumined consciousness of someone touched him. It may not have been one of those who have passed on. It may have been one on earth, but it need not have been one on earth, for John tells us, ninety-eight A.D., that the Gospel of John was given to him by Jesus Christ. Now Jesus Christ had disappeared from the earth sixty years, seventy years before, but he states that he received it personally, from Jesus Christ.

And so it is, understand that when you pray, when you commune with God, you are at-one with all men and all women who are praying; you are at-one with spiritual consciousness throughout this world and the worlds that have been and the worlds that will be; you are never alone because there is no such thing as your consciousness being locked up in your head or in your chest or in your solar plexus. Your consciousness fills all space. That is the nature of I. I and my Father are one; and where I am, God is; and where God is, I am; and you can’t localize that or finitize that; for that is an infinite relationship of an infinite being.

The moment that you no longer localize, and the moment you no longer finitize, the moment you begin to understand that your consciousness is not locked up inside of you, but that it is one with every one of us in this room, then eventually you will go further, and you will realize that when you’re in prayer, you are in attunement with everyone in prayer, for you unite in one consciousness. The Christ consciousness is one consciousness, and when you are abiding in that, you’re abiding in Christ—whether Christ is in a foreign land or where we are.

You see, the error has been that we believe we are finite beings sitting here in a body, and it isn’t true. We are infinite being; we are divine consciousness; we are God consciousness—individualized, but never finitized, and never localized. Therefore, you are never in a place nor are you limited to a place—never! You can be where you want to be, merely in the realization that: “I and my Father are one; and I am where God is; and God is where I am,” and then you find yourself where harmony is, where harmony is for you at any given moment.

Prayer is a deep subject. Prayer must never be thought of as prayer is taught in churches, or even as prayer is given in most dictionaries. Unless you have a complete unabridged dictionary, don’t accept what most dictionaries say about prayer. But all of the unabridged dictionaries do give a mystical sense of prayer, which is communion.

When you’re communing with God you’re not limited, you’re not finite, you’re not in place; you are in God, you are living and moving and having your being in God; you are dwelling in the secret place of the most High—nothing limited about that; nothing finite about that. We must live and move and have our being in God; we must dwell in the secret place of the most High. And the only way to accomplish that is the prayer of communion; the prayer of realization of our relationship to God; the prayer of realization of our true identity, of the infinite nature of our own being, because God constitutes our being.

If you want to know more about prayer take it into your meditation and ask for light on prayer; ask for guidance and direction on prayer; ask for instruction on prayer; and the Holy Ghost will impart it. The Spirit of God in you will come alive to be your teacher—for in the last analysis, God must be your teacher. The function of a teacher on this plane is to lift the consciousness of an individual to that place where they can make contact with the Father within themselves.

Part of the function of the teacher is to instruct in the correct letter of truth, but that is the least of the obligation of a teacher. The major function of a teacher is to live so high in consciousness that they are enabled to lift up those who come to them, and lift them high enough so that they may have access to the kingdom of God within their own being—an access which they could not have through their mind, through the intellect, through taking thought. We only have access to the kingdom of God as we are lifted into the domain, the realm which is above mind, above thinking, above thought, above the intellect. And, it is only those who have gone a step beyond us who can lift us to that place. There again, all healing work is based on that.

Every time you undertake healing for someone, what you really undertake is to lift them above the physical plane of consciousness where the laws of physicality are not operating—then spiritual harmony takes hold of them. You are not, as a spiritual healer, you are not healing their bodies. You are not doing anything to the organs or functions of their bodies. All you are doing is lifting them in consciousness above the physical plane, above the mental plane—to where they are in the grace of God, and the grace of God wipes out the physical and the mental laws that have been binding them. That is how spiritual healing is accomplished—spiritual consciousness nullifies both mental and physical laws.

The mental laws are—those are the laws of malpractice, the laws of belief, the laws of these mesmeric suggestions. And, lifting the patient above the mind, the mental laws are nullified. In the same way there are physical laws: germs, infection, contagion, climate. But when you are lifted into the higher dimension of consciousness, those laws do not operate. And then you find that even though the infections and contagions may rage around you, they do not come nigh thy dwelling place. You find that though there may be panics and depressions and unemployment, it does not come nigh thy dwelling place. Though there may be limitations of every physical form, they do not come nigh thy dwelling place. Why? Because you’re not dwelling there; you’re dwelling in the secret place of the most High; you’re dwelling in the mystical consciousness where I and the Father are one, and life is lived by grace, not by physical laws, not by mental laws.

And so it is that every single spiritual demonstration is an annulling of a physical or a mental law. That’s what spiritual demonstration is: it is an annulling, the wiping out of the operation of physical or mental law; it is lifting you into a realm of consciousness where the particular physical or mental law from which you are suffering no longer operates. Therefore, to be a healer it is necessary to dwell in the secret place of the most High; to dwell in that consciousness where the physical and mental laws are not operating. This is prayer. (Long pause)

Living mentally means determining what you want, and how you are going to get it. Spiritual living is yielding to the reign of God, the kingdom of God; it is a yielding of desires; it is a yielding of the self to a receptivity of spiritual guidance. It is not an outlining and a determining of what we want or how we are to attain it—it is a yielding, a complete yielding of one’s self, so that one may be the instrument through which a divine Intelligence can operate. (Long pause)

And so we come to the end of this experience, but not the end, quite. Because this that has been started here on the eighth of April, and which is continuing here, is going to be continued in San Diego, in Canada, and then in London and Manchester, England, and then in the Hague, Holland, and then in Switzerland, and finally back in New York in November. And I have every inner conviction that this is a cycle of work—not just an isolated work, but a cycle of work leading to whatever the next step may be.

It is for that reason that when this class began, I was surely more curious than you as to what was going to unfold, and how, because I knew that whatever its nature, it would give us an indication of what direction we’re traveling in. And now that I have seen this, I’m sure there is going to be a continuity of this, but on a continually progressive scale, deepening scale, broadening scale. In other words, we are just here and we’ve got to keep going this way; so that we come finally to that state of consciousness which is our goal.

Well I started off by telling you this is a joy to me, and it is…Thank you, thank you.