The Art Of Meditation taught by Joel S. Goldsmith, Meditation on God, the Being and Function
by Joel S. Goldsmith
tape 110B

An excerpt (after 34 minutes):

Unless you can consciously, actively abide in the Word of Truth and let the Word of God abide in you, you’ll be like a leaf cutoff from a tree. You live a little while … and fade away.

But if you abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you, that Word of Truth becomes the law of Immortality onto your very own flesh. There is the meaning of: In my flesh I will see God… In other words: It’s not that in your own flesh you will see God, but in your own flesh you will see the results of God. You will see the harmony and use of your body. You will see the eternality of your life. If you abide in me let my Word abide in you”

Beautiful how this description of physical resurrection comes about. That’s why following this path of the Infinite Way is a very physical transformation. Your cells start to recognize this light embedded in this message. All your old ideas are going to be replaced by light. Your body is being purified all the time when you let this light in. Resistance is useless. Openness is a ecstatic joy. We are basically looking back to how our resurrection came about. the Resurrection already happened!! When Jesus resurrected we all resurrected! Amen!

Here is more: Joel gives you everything in the following audio.