8th Chapter Romans (4/6)

Your prayer must have nothing to do with desiring or wanting or needing something or asking for a fulfillment of something. Understand through this chapter what it is you’re to pray for. Once you know what it is you are to pray for you’ll find it very easy to learn how to pray.

1952 New Washington Series
Joel S. Goldsmith
tape 6B – 8th Chapter Romans (4/6)

Now, having agreed on that you will find that the period of temptation has begun. Probably the very next day you will have the experience of the Master, you will be led up to a high mountain and be given three temptations, because the moment you agree to do the right thing, you’ll have three temptations and sometimes thirty-three to do the wrong, as the Master was. You remember how he was tempted to turn the stones into bread, and how he had to resist that temptation and tell Satan we do not live by bread alone, but every word of God, and so he had to refuse to work a miracle to supply himself with bread.

And so the moment you agree that I will do no more mental work to find a better home or a better job or a better companion, I will devote all my time and all my spiritual studies to maintaining a high elevation of consciousness, reading such spiritual literature as will keep me high in consciousness so that I can hear the still small voice; right then something’s going to happen, a need is going to develop so great that you’ll probably decide, well, just this once, I’d better go back to the old way and demonstrate this. After this perhaps I can take the higher road. No, no, from the moment that you catch the vision of this 8th Chapter of Romans, from the moment that you realize that to seek things or demonstrations is to be carnally minded, and to be carnally minded is death, from that moment on you will find it very difficult to discipline yourself, to resist the temptation to demonstrate good, and there will be many opportunities offered, and you’ll have to say, “No, I’m not turning any water into wine today. I’m not turning stones into bread today.

I’m letting the Father make this demonstration in the Father’s own way, and I’m sitting here if I have to clinch my fists and grit my teeth, I’m sitting here and waiting and watching for the Father to make this demonstration—not for me to make it. When this demonstration is made, there will be no room for any self-glorification. There will be no room to say how smart I am or how spiritual I am, because this time I’ll know I had nothing to do with it. I did nothing but sit and wait for the Father to work. The Spirit of God that dwelleth in me It quickeneth the mortal body, and so you’ll be tempted, and tempted to use the Spirit, to use God, to use truth to make a demonstration and over and over and over again you’ll just sit there and say, “No, get thee behind me Satan. If God can’t take care of this, it is not going to be done.”

Once it has been done, once the demonstration has come through, never again, never again—you may have to two times or three times, like the Master, resist the temptation to make a demonstration, but after you have won it two or three times, never again will you be tempted to seek your good out here. From then on you’ll know that all good out here is the out flowing of the Spirit of God within you, that the Spirit of God that dwelleth in you will go out here to prepare a place for you, to make the crooked places straight, to raise your dead body, to quicken your mortal body, to heal you, to supply you, to feed you. You’ll know then what the Master meant when he said, “I can of my own self do nothing. The Father within doeth the work.” You’ll know what it means to stand this way and let it happen.

Then when the world sees the miracles, and they come to pat you on the back for your great understanding, and your great spiritual power, then you’ll have to answer as did Peter and John, “Why marvel ye men of Israel that this man is healed, as if we, through our understanding or our power had done this. No, it was the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob that raised this man up, the same Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead performed this miracle.” Then you’ll know the true meaning of humility; you’ll know the true meaning of self-renunciation, and you’ll know more than that, you’ll know beyond any question there is a God, and that God is omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, and that it is Its function to govern this world, not yours, not mine.

It merely uses us as vehicles, as instruments for Its manifestation or expression. It uses the heavens to show forth Its glory. It uses the earth to show forth Its glory, Its harmonies, Its beauties. It uses us to show forth perfect intelligence, perfect love, perfect mind, perfect soul, and perfect body. God Itself is the master of our experience once we learn to tie our hands behind our back and let the Spirit work through us.

Do you see why this leads to a new and higher concept of prayer? Because now we cannot use the old affirmations as if we were going to use them to make something happen. We can only declare truth now, not for the purpose of mumbo-jumbo, not for the purpose of making rabbits come out of hats. Now when we make an affirmation of truth, a statement of truth, it is merely in the light of stating that which is already true, and if necessary, reassuring ourselves on that point. In other words, when I am faced with any problem of lack or limitation, whether it’s within myself or for patients or students, it certainly is possible that I will remind myself that I don’t have to pray for these things because the heavenly Father knoweth that we have need of them, and it is His good pleasure to give us the kingdom.

Now I won’t remember that or state that or quote that because I want to make it come true. That will merely be my reassurance to me that it is true, and why not get back in there, Joel, and rest a little while and not try to mentalize all over the lot. And then, as that reassurance comes, and I sit back quietly and realize, “Oh yes, there is a God. Ah yes, there is a Father in heaven and on earth,” and then I’ll be patient and quiet and let It speak to me. And then as I get into my quietness, as I get into my silence, as I get into my meditation, all of a sudden that feeling comes through of, “It’s all right. I’m on the field,” and the moment that comes, the demonstration is made. Now you see, it wasn’t a demonstration of getting something, nor was it a demonstration of knowing certain statements to make to get something.

The demonstration was getting back into the quiet of our own soul and getting the reassurance of God’s presence, and that is the only demonstration that is legitimate to us—demonstrating the realization of the presence of God, and toward that end we may use affirmations or denials. We may make statements of truth. We may remind ourselves of all the truths in scripture or in our metaphysical writings, but not for the sake of making a demonstration, but for the sake of getting at peace and quiet and reassurance, then going back and waiting until we have received the divine impartation from within that tells us that the Spirit of God is on the field, and we are going forward.

So, from this chapter learn this—that in order to get into the right attitude of prayer, your prayer must have nothing to do with demonstrating anything. Your prayer must have nothing to do with desiring or wanting or needing something or asking for a fulfillment of something. Understand through this chapter what it is you’re to pray for. Once you know what it is you are to pray for you’ll find it very easy to learn how to pray. The difficulty in learning how to pray is first of all knowing what it is we’re praying for, and we can’t learn how to pray if we think we’re praying for person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition, improvement or more.

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