1953 Second Hawaiian Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

26A – The Four Essentials of Healing; The Secret of the Bible (3/5)

This leads naturally up to the third point of the treatment, or third point that must be included in your article. When you have known the truth about the nature of God as individual being and the nature of error, you have known the truth that constitutes treatment or prayer. So all that I have up to now on this tape, the knowing and declaring about the nature of God as individual being and about the nature of error constitutes a knowing the truth which in its turn constitutes a treatment or prayer. So you see the third point is the fulfilling of the first two points. Having taken due notice of these three points, you have in a very brief form the correct letter of truth, the correct form of a treatment, the correct knowledge that constitutes knowing the truth, the truth that will make you free. But remember this: You have not yet come to that which really brings about the healing. It is on the forth point that many lose the effects of their good work because of the ignorance of the fact or forgetting of the fact of the importance of this fourth point.

Please remember point number four: Truth must be realized, so when you have consciously known the truth of points one and two and three; you have known the truth; you have given your treatment; you have voiced your part of prayer, and now comes a very, very important point. I would not say the most important, because without these first three points, the fourth may do you no good. On the other hand, knowing the first three without the fourth may do you no good, so let us agree that all four points are essential. And the fourth is: the realization of truth, the conscious awareness of truth, the consciousness of truth itself, and this is attained in this manner: After you have consciously known your first second and third points then comes your period of listening for the still small voice; then comes your period of, Speak, Father, thy servant heareth. This is your opportunity to be alert, to have your inner ear attuned so that the Father within may address Itself to you, the Father within may unfold and disclose and reveal Itself, or the activity of the Father within may be made manifest to you.

So the fourth point is that having given your complete treatment of the first three points, sit quietly for one, two or three minutes, or four or five in the attitude of Speak, Father, thy servant heareth—a listening attitude— no room here for falling asleep, because you are listening. You are waiting for something to come in on your line. You are waiting to hear with your inner ear. You may not hear any words, but you will feel something that convinces you of the divine Presence. You will feel the click or a sense of release or a feeling of confidence. You will receive some assurance that God is on the field and all is well. Of course, I would not have you believe that these few words constitute all there is to be known about spiritual wisdom. I am summarizing, more especially for the beginner, the four points which, when embodied in consciousness, when studied and practiced over a long period of time unfolds, develops that state of spiritual consciousness which is a healing consciousness. When that comes, you can tear up these notes. You can throw away your books. You will then be at the point of receptivity, receiving always your understanding, your power, your wisdom from within.

Do not be in too much of a hurry to burn down your school house or burn up your school books. Do not be in too much of a hurry to do away with the correct letter of truth, with the knowing of truth, with the giving of treatments. Do not try to be too absolute too soon. If your understanding does not include the first point: the nature of God as individual being, you will continuously be trying to bring the attributes and qualities and activities of God to man, to individual being, to your patient or student or yourself. Whereas, when you have the understanding of God as individual being, you will be knowing that all that the Father is I am; all that the Father hath is mine, and your prayer or realization would be directly in line with the truth that nothing can be added to you or to any individual, and nothing can be taken from you. The individual is complete in God. The individual is already about the Father’s business. The individual is consciously one with the Father and all that the Father hath is already in and of individual being. Only in the realization of God as individual being can you be spared the mistake of trying to bring good to the individual.