Request A Healing

Healing Request

This new section is for you to request healing.

This can simply be:

  • you ask to pray for someone or yourself or
  • you want to experience a healing (using phone or Skype)
  • or any other way.

Healing is always certain. There is not so much “treatment” going on, since there is really nothing to treat. But what you ask for in your heart is a realization. You want an experience of Oneness with God. This miracle is offered you in any healing request, the fact that you ask for it confirms your willingness to receive a miracle of Grace.

This is what Joel says in ‘The Foundation Of Mysticism’:

What is the difference between my hand and my heart, liver, and lungs? All different parts of one body, all responsive to my instructions. Therefore, I say, “Heart, liver. Lungs, you can’t tell me how to act; I’m telling you how to act. Act in accordance with the way God meant for you to act when he created you. God made you in his own image and likeness. God gave you qualities and functions. Now perform them. Don’t talk back. I say to you, ‘Arise’; I say to you, ‘Come forth from that tomb’; I say to you, ‘Heart, liver, lungs, or any other part of the body, be about your Father’s business; do that which was given you to do. Let me have no back-talk from you!” this is a treatment. But do you see that if you continue this practice when the occasion requires, ultimately you will go beyond treatment? All of a sudden something inside you will say, “You don’t have to do that. I’m here to do that for you. I’ll take over.” Then you go about your business; you have now risen from treatment to realization.

Since time has speeded up there is nothing holding you back from experiencing God right now. Yes, I speak from my own experience and love to share it with you. In gratitude, Wim.

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