Basic Infinite Way (1/5)

1952 New Washington Series

Tape 6 Side 1

Basic Infinite Way

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 1 of 5

Good Afternoon

And so Joel starts once more in Washington with the message of The Infinite Way. This time we are to make another advance in unfoldment and in demonstration. How much of an advance depends upon how interested we are in bringing forth a greater sense of peace, joy, health, harmony into our experience.

Of course, the answer to that is that everyone wants to bring forth more health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, perfection, abundance into their lives, and for that reason it is surprising that we don’t have an entire stadium filled with people seeking it, but the reason is very clear. The reason that we don’t have that stadium full of people is that we are not offering peace, harmony, abundance in the physical realm. We’re not offering to make human life more attractive, not attempting to offer people more money or better homes or better automobiles.

The message of The Infinite Way follows the pattern of the Master in that it says, My kingdom is not of this world. As a matter of fact, I have overcome this world, not improved it, not enriched it, not gotten more out of it. I have overcome it. My kingdom is not of this world. My kingdom doesn’t consist of a lot more human things. My kingdom is a spiritual kingdom. It is the kingdom of God, and it is not found in the outer world. It is not found in persons or things or conditions. My kingdom is found within you. Its entire basis is within you.

Of the searchers for truth, the Master advises us that many are bidden to the feast, not so many come. The way is straight and narrow; few there be that enter. And you can always find that the answer is the same: What went ye out for to see? What is it you are seeking? What is it you have in mind when you open a book of truth to read? What is it you have in mind when you come to a center to hear a lecture or a class? That determines the degree of demonstration and the type of demonstration that you can carry away. If the idea in your mind is doubling your income or finding a better home or companionship, then this isn’t the type of work that will find a response within you, and you will not put into the work that which is necessary in order to draw out the kingdom of God and Its harmonies. In our work it pays to have only one idea, and that is to attain that mind that was also in Christ Jesus. Leave all other desires outside the door. Leave all other ambitions or hopes outside the door.

When you come into The Infinite Way whether it is to a lecture or a class, remember this, we have nothing to sell and nothing to give. This is a presentation of the kingdom of God within you, and it promises only spiritual harmonies, only spiritual good, only spiritual realization. It promises communion with God. It promises conscious oneness with God. It promises the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth without dying to get it, without going some place to get it. It reveals that the kingdom is right where you are, the place where on thou standest is holy ground. It reveals that the nature of God is such that you can ultimately realize that God is “closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet,” just as our poet has revealed through his understanding of the Master’s revelations—that the kingdom of God is within you. Within you is the only place closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. Within you is the only place where you can find that the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

Now, our good found on the inner realm becomes tangible as experience in the outer realm. The peace that we find within is reflected in peace in our human experience. The spiritual prosperity that we find within is reflected in an abundance of good things in the without, but the secret is, of course, that we cannot seek it in the without. It must first be discovered within before it can be revealed without.

It is like the secret of tithing—tithing one’s income, giving a regular and stated proportion of one’s income to spiritual purposes or impersonal good. There is a secret in tithing because many, many people have tithed and found that they received no benefit from it. Many, many people tithe and declare over and over again, I don’t see what good it does. Well you see, there is a secret about tithing. Tithing only brings a reward, and a rich reward, when a person no longer tithes for a reward, with no watching for a return, with no hope of a return. Sure, it must be absolutely a pure offering of thanksgiving. When tithing is done as an offering of thanksgiving, it brings the greatest satisfaction and joy, harmony, often healing, but if it doesn’t work, if it doesn’t produce that result, be assured it is not yet a pure offering of thanksgiving. It is still done with an idea of exchange.

And so it is with this inner kingdom. If one goes to the inner kingdom in order to find something in the without, in their human experience, they will fail to find it. It never misses; they will fail to find it. If one goes to the inner kingdom to find only an acquaintanceship with God—no other purpose, no other motive, no hope to achieve a single thing on earth except to answer that question, “What is God? Can I know God face to face? Can I commune with God? Can I talk to God? Can I hear God?” Is it possible that the still small voice died with Elijah? Is it possible that communion ended with Jesus Christ? Or is it a universal privilege that every man, every woman, every child may commune with God, may hear the still small voice, receive God’s guidance, direction, protection, and supply? Well, the answer always lies in our motive. There must come a time in the experience of every truth student when the decision comes to give up all desire to demonstrate, when the ambition comes within to stop fooling around with wanting things on this outer plane, and searching to see what it was that Jesus found that he called the heavenly kingdom, and that he taught could be found on earth in our earthly experience.

When we come to the place of recognition, the place of recognizing Jesus not merely as the keystone or cornerstone of Christianity but let’s look at him as a man, and ask ourselves what made him a figure that has come down the centuries spreading his kingdom into further and further corners of the world as it was predicted would be. What is it that makes even the Asiatics turn reverently to the teachings of Christ Jesus? What was it that that man had, that he discovered, that he revealed, that should so far spread out of the little Hebrew holy land as now to have encompassed the entire world? And not only that, but remember he did it without the benefit of radios. He did it without the benefit of newspapers and magazines and books and tape recorders. He did it without the benefit of any human aid. My words will never pass away. He knew that even though they weren’t written down. What was it that man had?

When we come to a point of interest, not far-off reverence, but an interest in the man, and what he discovered, what his message was, what his mission was, then we will have left the entire metaphysical world of demonstration and come to the real world of Christianity, to the real world of finding that which now promises to circle the globe. Then our search for truth will have begun, then we will have entered an infinite way of life, an infinite way of demonstration, an infinite way of living, and we will find then that the Master was true, not only symbolically, but literally, when he says that you never have to take thought for what you shall eat or what you shall drink or wherewithal you shall be clothed. You never have to take thought for any kind of a demonstration. You don’t have to take thought for your health. You don’t have to take thought for your life; literally you can drop all that outside, because your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things, and it is His good pleasure to give you this entire kingdom of food, of drink, of clothing, housing, and all good, only the price that we pay for it is stop desiring it, stop searching for it, stop seeking for it, and begin the search for that which is the foundation and the substance of the outer harmonies and the outer good.

End Part 1


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