Unconditioning the Mind

This is really a lifetime practice, and reading Infinite Way literature or talking about how beautiful it is will not do it

From – Living Now – Chapter 6

By Joel Goldsmith


Unconditioning the Mind

    Because the mind will express whatever we put into it, by keeping it filled with God, it expresses as good in the body. Mind is the substance, or the essence, of which the body is formed, and it is for this reason that if we entertain truth in the mind, we experience harmony in the body. If we entertain evil, discord, and sin in the mind, we express these in the body. Whatever it is that we accept in mind, the body manifests. The mind itself is pure; the body itself is pure; but it is the kind of food we take into our minds that determines the nature of mind and body. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceddeth out of the mouth of God.” The more we feed the mind with the word of God, the more harmonious the body becomes.

        The moment we bring ourselves to a practitioner for help, whatever is taking place in his mind becomes the law unto the body, and if he is filling his mind with God, harmony appears in the body. This applies even to our pets. The amount of hours in which we keep the mind filled with truth determines how peaceful and how harmonious they will be. Schoolteachers who are students of The Infinite Way have found that their children respond to the truth maintained in the teacher’s mind, and that the scholastic achievement of their students improves, as well as their attitudes and behavior.

        This is also true in our homes. It is the degree in which truth is embodied in our minds, or in the mind of some person in the household, that it governs the conduct of all those who come into the life of that family. If on the other hand we continue to see the members of our family as they humanly appear to be, that is, if we continue to malpractice, that will bring out in them what we are seeing. The situation will change, however, when we can learn to disregard the appearance and remember that God constitutes individual mind, being, and body. Any evil appearance belongs to that vast mental illusion of nothingness.

        A little consistent practice of this nature will reveal how everything that comes within range of our consciousness is changed. The responsibility is upon our shoulders. The teaching is in the Writings, but it cannot do anything for us except as we embody it in our life. This is really a lifetime practice, and reading Infinite Way literature or talking about how beautiful it is will not do it.



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