Infinite Way Letter
July 1955
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 6
Meditation For Beginners – continued

Let us review what we know about the nature of God and the nature of prayer, and then see how our meditations can fit into that. In the Infinite Way Writings, it is revealed that God is a state of divine being, ever-present, ever-available, filling all space. God has nothing to give, and no power to withhold. God is the creative principle and power, the maintaining and sustaining influence of this universe. God is being God all of the time, and He is being God without direction or petition on our part, and without affirmation or prayer of any nature.
As this is being written there is no sun in the heavens—it is nighttime, yet there is no trace of fear about tomorrow. It would be useless to pray that the sun rise tomorrow, simply because God requires no information or prayer from us. God will go about Its business of governing this universe, and in due time the sun will rise. Praying in the manner of petitioning and beseeching will not change the orderly rhythm of God’s universe. God’s work is done, God’s laws are in operation, God’s processes are already in work. That which is, divinely and eternally is, and we cannot influence God to make it so, or to prevent its being so.
This gives us quite a different concept of God than many we have entertained heretofore. We have felt that it was important and necessary that we acquaint God with our needs and the needs of the world. The Master has told us, “…your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him,” and “…it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” This should have taught us that the nature of prayer is a realization of the nature of God, of God’s laws and God’s love, and that the prayer which attempts to tell or ask God is not of much avail.
In reviewing the nature of God and the nature of prayer, you have been meditating; you have been pondering; you have been contemplating. Think on this word “contemplation” and see if you can bring your prayer to be a contemplation—an intent and grateful consideration of that which is. This would not be a line of thought intended to change something or hopeful of getting something; not a line of thought which would make it appear that you know more of the earth’s needs than God knows, or that you have more love than God.
In this contemplative state you transcend the desire to tell God anything, or ask God for anything, and your contemplation takes the form of witnessing the sun, the moon, the stars, the tides, the growing and living things. Your contemplation takes the form of remembering that the heavens and the earth are filled with everything of which man has need. All that you behold is showing forth God’s glory, God’s law, God’s love for His Children, and it is then that you are in a state of meditation in which the assuring words of scripture are fulfilled: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee”; “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”
This contemplation of God’s Presence and Law in this universe is a simple form of meditation. It keeps your mind continuously centered in God and prevents it straying to other subjects, and yet there is no strain because you are not trying to accomplish or acquire anything. Quietly, gently and peacefully, you are observing God in action on earth as He is in heaven; you are witnessing the very glories of God. As you contemplate the glories of God that already exist and are available for your beholding, you are praising God, acknowledging God, and you are bearing witness to the fact that God’s Grace is your sufficiency.
As you are engaged in this spiritual activity of beholding God at work, day in and day out, you will be brought to a state of consciousness where thought, of its own accord, will slow down and finally stop. And one day in a second of silence the activity or Presence of God will make Itself known to you. From that moment you will know that the kingdom of God is within you, and no longer will you seek your good in the outer realm; no longer will you feel compelled to depend on persons or things or conditions.
Once you come to the realization that God’s Grace is your sufficiency you will be living a life of continuous prayer. You will pray without ceasing, and yet never will you desire anything, nor tell God of any need, nor try to influence God to give it to you. You will be in a continuous state of prayer merely with the realization that the Grace of God, which has peopled this earth and filled it with all good things for man’s use, is your sufficiency in all things! The wisdom which is God’s is your sufficiency. The divine love which has net every need of this earth is your sufficiency. Could you ask more than the realization that the infinite Intelligence that governs this universe is governing your individual affairs? That the divine Love that is shown forth in the creation and maintenance of this universe is interested in your life, your business, your home? God’s Grace is sufficient to fill this earth, therefore it must be sufficient for your individual needs.
The moment you know that the Grace of the Father within is your sufficiency (as well as the sufficiency of every individual being) you are forever removed from the need of human dependence, and yet it would give you love, joy, abundance, freedom, security and peace. You are forever freed from clutching at any person or any thing in the world. And the very moment that your neighbor has this same awareness there are two of you living in union with God and perfect unity with each other. When we are in union with God we are in unity with each other, and in this unity we are at peace; we have a fellowship; we are freed of hates, envies, jealousies, malice. We want nothing that the other person has, and we are willing to share what we have, because we are receiving and accepting divine Grace. In this unity there is a relaxation from fear, doubt and distrust, and we are enabled to love and trust each other, and to have faith and confidence in each other.
End Part 2