Atmosphere of God (1/5)

We walk in an atmosphere of God; we live in an atmosphere of God. God fills us just as the rose garden is filled with perfume. Just as our families are filled with the atmosphere of love, so we work and live and move and have our being in an atmosphere of God.

1950 First Portland Series

Tape 5 Side 1

Atmosphere of God


By Joel Goldsmith

Part 1 of 5


Good evening friends,


We walk in an atmosphere of God; we live in an atmosphere of God. God fills us just as the rose garden is filled with perfume. Just as our families are filled with the atmosphere of love, so we work and live and move and have our being in an atmosphere of God. God is the impelling motive of our existence; not only mine, yours; everyone who has turned to the truth, everyone who has turned just even in the hope of touching the hem of the robe. To each one of us, in our turn, comes the assurance of the Presence. Tonight is a night of healing; a night of the impartation of the Spirit; a night of an attitude of receptivity, openness, letting consciousness flow where it will, how it will.

The Spirit of God, permeating all being, cleansing, regenerating, renewing. In Him we live and move and have our being. He lives as us. God manifests Itself as our individual being. God appears on earth as individual you, individual me. The mind of God appears as your mind; the life of God is manifest as your life. All that constitutes God constitutes individual you and me.

The Word becomes flesh as you and as me.  The One appears as many. Now close your eyes in meditation and take the attitude ofSpeak Father, thy servant heareth as if you were listening for that still small voice, not with strain, not with mental energy or anxiety, just in a sense of gentle listening, peaceful listening, quiet listening. Remembering that where two or more are gathered together in his name, I am in the midst of thee. Understand the reality of the Spirit. Only see that the Spirit is as tangible and real and powerful as a bolt of lightning, only more so, but gentle in its ministrations, peaceful, calming, merciful, kind, just. There is a Spirit in man, the Spirit of God in man, and it is power. It is not a mental power; it is not dependent on the thoughts you think; it is not dependent on the books you read. This Spirit in you is the presence of God. It has been there since before Abraham, only we have relied on so many powers outside of that power.

And now we return to the Father’s house, to the divine consciousness and let that power work in us and through us and as our very being. We recognize there is a power, the power of Spirit, Self-maintained, Self-sustained. We do not use It; It uses us. It permeates our being as the intelligence of our being. It permeates us as the health and wholeness of our being. It is the law of attraction drawing to us all that is necessary for our unfoldment.

You know a tree planted in the ground with its wonderful system of roots, through these roots drawing into the tree all that is necessary for the good of the tree. It draws the moisture; it draws the sunshine, the air, the minerals, the substances of the earth. All these are drawn up into the tree through these roots. That’s why we don’t water our plants on the outside; we water the ground so that the good may come up through the roots on the inside.

Our consciousness constitutes our roots. And when our consciousness is rooted in God, then our consciousness draws unto us all of the elements and substances, all of the qualities and quantities necessary for our development and our unfoldment. Separate the tree from the ground and soon you would have a dying tree; separate us from our foundation in God and you soon will have a dying man. But grounded in Spirit, holding ourselves always one with the Father, we are ever drawing to us, from within, everything that is to appear in the without.

All of the substances and elements that are drawn into the tree appear outwardly as fruit. All of that which we draw in through our consciousness from the Godhead, appears outwardly as bodily health, economic wealth, safety, security, family, friends, teachings, teachers. Everything necessary for our unfoldment comes to us from the depths of our own being since God is the center; only be rooted and grounded in Him. Maintain this contact. Maintain this consciousness of oneness. Amen.

In opening ourselves to God, never feel that words are necessary. Words are just the helps, the aids that we use to prepare ourselves for the atmosphere of receptivity. You’d be surprised if we sat here in the silence for an hour of the miracles that would happen. God works through the silence. God works in the silence. God is the silence. The very silence itself is God. When the human mind is still, the divine mind fills all space. It is for that reason that we must learn more and more to abide in these silences so that more and more of the presence of God and the power of God can manifest Itself as our being.

God, you know, is our teacher. No man can be a teacher and no woman can be a teacher. They can only be a vehicle for the Master. And the Master is God consciousness, spiritual consciousness. You have not chosen Me; I have chosen you. We think, as we turn to this work that we are choosing God; that we are turning to God. That something within us is reaching out to God. Never believe it for a moment. It isn’t true. If you accept such a belief, you may find yourself struggling for a long, long time to find God. Once you realize that it wasn’t you that turned to God, but God that turned you to Himself. You can then relax and realize no doubt about the result. No question about the ultimate answer since it was God Itself that brought Itself to you and brought you to It and is bringing you to the realization of It.

I of my own self can do nothing. I can’t find God. Who by searching can find God? God isn’t to be found by searching; God is to be found by listening, by waiting, by silence, by receptivity, by giving God the opportunity to pour Itself through into our being. From the first moment that we turn toward any truth teaching, that was the moment that God placed Its finger upon us. From that moment on, whether the search is long or short depends more and more on how much we can relax and let God through; how much we can give up the struggle to find God. And rather relax and let God experience Itself in us.

End Part 1



2 Comments on Atmosphere of God (1/5)

  1. Arleen Shamon // July 23, 2015 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Thank you for this post The Atmosphere of God do you know if it is available in audio?  Thank You!Arleen


    • Wim Haverkamp // July 26, 2015 at 4:37 pm // Reply

      Hi Arleen, I will get back to you about this, I don’t know if this is available in audio.
      Thank you Wim


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