World Problems

By Joel Goldsmith

From Tape 252 Side 2

1959 Halekou Special Work

by Joel Goldsmith

From Tape 254

World Problems

“Once we begin to nullify carnal mind, mortal mind, this belief in two powers, you will find that that nullification raises up those capable of being the instrument of this and it is even able to take the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and make them instruments for good. Why? Because you nullify the belief in two powers. You don’t have to nullify it in me or in you, or in them. You nullify it, impersonally, in your own consciousness.

And, because your consciousness is infinite, you’re nullifying it wherever it raises up its head.

In other words, you can sit right at home in your “big city” house or apartment, or “small town” and do it right from there.

You don’t have to go out into the world and battle the devil.  You don’t have to crusade. Sit right home and in whatever direction carnal mind presents itself to you, bad government, bad TV, bad this, bad that, as it touches your consciousness, nullify it.

Realize first its impersonal nature, then recognize its non‑power.  And then you will find that you have contributed to the world. ”


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