Higher Views of God, Prayer and The Self (4/5)

Infinite Way Letter
June 1955
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5
Consciousness Union with God

In order to enter into the mystical life one must master the ability to remain in the silence without thought, and this is the most difficult part of all spiritual living. In no way is this a cessation or repression of thought, nor an effort toward such: instead, it is attaining such deep communion with God that thought stops of its own accord. The first step toward this is that of having nothing to pray for, because it is in the moment that you come to the place where you acknowledge that there is nothing to pray for that you have God. Then it is that God is your Soul, your Being, your Father. Then it is that “I and my Father are one,” and I am heir to all the heavenly riches. In that moment of realization you are enabled to understand that the Divine Mind, or Cosmic consciousness, is an Infinite Intelligence imbued with love, and It functions as your being when conscious thinking has been stilled.
In your everyday walk of life, you may have one plan in mind and the Cosmic Mind may have another, but this you will never know as long as you are busily engaged in thinking, planning, routing, scheming, listening and reacting to all the activities and distractions of the external world. In order to receive the Divine Grace of the Cosmic Mind or Intelligence, there must be periods of complete quiet for the thinking mind. This does not mean that your mind must or will become a total blank, but it does mean that throughout the day and night you must have several periods in which you desire nothing more than the joy of inner communion with God. It is in this complete stillness and relaxation from thought that the Father takes over in your experience.
Our Master spent much time in silent meditation and communion, and you can be assured that He was not talking or asking God for anything. He was listening. He was listening for God’s direction and instruction, guidance and support, and then He was enabled to say: “Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” And so it is that before one can enter into the mystical or Cosmic life, one must transform from the habit of continuously thinking to that of continuously listening.
The Cosmic Life does not always mean the spiritual or religious life. For instance, every composer, poet and writer, every designer and inventor, every architect and builder of any note, has touched the Cosmic. They are taught by something within their own being, but that could not occur if they did not possess an innate ability to be silent and listen. It may open the world of music, literature, art, science or business, but it will come as a result of the faculty to be still, to listen to hear and to receive Cosmic or universal impulse. Those who are attuned to the Cosmic Mind without the religious influence are they who have brought forth the great words on the human plane.
When the Cosmic touches the religious life it is called the mystical life. The dictionary defines “mysticism” as the doctrine or belief that direct knowledge of God, or spiritual truth, etc., is attainable through immediate intuition or insight and in a way differing from ordinary sense perception or the use of logical reasoning; any type of theory asserting the possibility of attaining knowledge or power through faith or spiritual insight. In other words, mysticism is a teaching or religion which believes in conscious union with God; with the ability to achieve direct contact with God and to receive answers to prayer. A mystic is an individual who has touched God at some time or another, or one who is in constant communion with God, and who receives all of his impulses from God. A mystic usually is attuned to the religious, ethical and moral life, and often shows it forth in poetry or writing or painting as did Emerson, Whitman, Blake and the many known religious mystics.
We can understand and live the mystical life of conscious communion with God only when we change from the conscious thinking mind to the universal Mind which is ever ready to pour Itself through us. In order to make this change we must become quiet and still, and let the human mind become the instrument through which the Cosmic or God Mind expresses itself.
No matter how gifted an artist or writer or scientist may be, he still needs technical training. The Spirit flows, but the human mind brings it down into practical and workable experience. That is why, in the other realm, there must be practice, practice and more practice. So, also, it is with us: the listening mind must become attuned to God. God reveals Itself to us, but we must constantly practice until that time comes when the Spirit so completely takes over that nothing is necessary in the way of conscious mental work.
There is a Mind, or Soul Consciousness, which is God, and we become consciously aware of It only in the degree of our listening ability and our receptivity. It is in developing that listening ability and receptivity that the mind quiets and becomes stilled to such a degree that it becomes an avenue or instrument through which that which we call God manifests and expresses Itself.
Study, read, ponder, think and meditate, but also have frequent moments of listening so that the fullness of It can come to you. No truth that you read or know in your own mind is a spiritual power. The spiritual power is the Spirit, imparting Itself to you when you are silently listening, hearing and feeling. Always remember that it is not the truth you speak or write or known that heals: it is the Word of God, of which you become aware within your own being that rolls back the Red Sea, brings manna from the sky, heals the sick and raises the dead. It is not your knowledge, your wisdom nor your understanding—it is God’s, and you become the instrument through which God works.
End Part 4

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