Infinite Way Letter
May 1955
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 6 of 6
Across the Desk

Frequently the questions are asked: Why is it that sometimes my prayer or treatment is instantly effective and harmony restored, even in seemingly serious difficulties—whereas, at other times, there is little or no noticeable improvement? Why are there some days when all my affairs proceed smoothly when harmony is a continuous experience, and peace and quiet reign—and then, for a while it is as if God had entirely forgotten and forsaken me?
The answer is that on those good days, when the quick and beautiful healings occur, and when life is a constant flow of harmonious experiences, you have found your inner one-ness or realization of God. On the other days, no doubt you have meditated as usual, gone through the routine of knowing the Truth, acknowledged God as the central theme of all existence, and declared the One Power, the One Infinite Presence—and yet have not made the inner contact which reveals Emmanuel or “God with us.”
The Infinite Way is constituted of two parts: the metaphysical, which is the letter of Truth; the mystical, which is conscious union with God, the actual realization and attainment of the Presence of God. Students often forget that the letter of Truth and the knowing of Truth are but steps leading up to the actual realization of God, or attainment of “…this mind…which was also in Christ Jesus.”
Until one is far along on the spiritual Path, it may be necessary to consciously meditate on some scriptural or metaphysical quotation, and to recall and declare as much Truth as possible. It may be wise to bring to conscious remembrance much Truth about God, Christ, and individual being; and to remember that there is but One power, One Presence, One Law, Substance, Cause and Being. This is for one purpose: to lift oneself into the atmosphere of God where the Spirit take over and becomes the law, substance, activity and life of oneself, one’s affairs, and those of one’s world of patients, students, family or business.
Having achieved the conscious “feeling” of the Presence, the assurance of well-being, or the “click” that announces God-in-action, you have attained an atmosphere of the Christ that “performeth the thing that is appointed for me,” which “will perfect that which concerneth me.” Then it is that the healing work, teaching, or other activity of your day will be successful, joyous, peaceful and prosperous. Failure to attain this conscious experience of God will leave you with only your human strength and wisdom with which to meet the strife and struggles of the world.
Students of The Infinite Way should never expect much of that day in which God’s Presence is not realized. Do we not know, only too well, that “I can of mine own self do nothing”? Have we not learned, through bitter experience, that without the actual attainment of Christ we are nothing, and can do nothing of any spiritual nature? Have we not experienced the supreme joy of spiritual living when, like Paul, we could say, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”? O Students!—believe me—it were better to arise at three o’clock in the morning and remain in meditation and study until that overshadowing of the Spirit takes place, than to sleep the hours away and be compelled to face the day without the glorious feeling of being in the Spirit!
The healing and teaching work is not difficult—truly the ministry is a joy beyond words when the student is centered in God, and walks through the day with the spiritual impulse tingling in mind and body. When one has been touched by the Christ, one’s patient or student will be stirred and drawn into God’s Presence and restored. However, do not expect much of the prayer, meditation or treatment that is not given right from the Soul of Spirit.
In His Presence is fullness of life; resurrection and ascension. In Him is peace, joy and dominion. In His Spirit is rest, relaxation, restoration and renewal. “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”
Wisdoms of the Infinite Way
“Prayer is the absence of desire in the recognition of Is.”
“Prayer is an awareness of that which Is, by ‘seeing’ it—not making it so.”
“Prayer is the inner Vision of harmony. This Vision is attained by giving up the desire to change or improve any one or any thing.”
“To pray is to become aware of the harmony which Is, without a mental effort on your part.”
“Never seek any thing or any condition in prayer. Let harmony define and reveal itself. Let your prayer be letting the Is appear.”
End Part 6