Excerpt – From The Mystical I

By Joel Goldsmith

  1. 126

“Forgiveness Comes When the “I”‘ Dissolves Personal Sense”

There is no use in asking for forgiveness for our mistakes because there is this spiritual integrity, the integrity of the I which is the All-knowing, and It already knows whether that other “I” has been dissolved.  When a cloud obscures the sun, the sun does not reach the earth, but when the cloud is dispersed the sun again shines on earth.  sky

So it is that this I at the center of your being and my being is your individual spiritual integrity and mine, and it is always shining.  Then a cloud gets in the way.  And what is the nature of that cloud?  Personal sense, the human sense of “I.”  But this infinite integrity which is mine, which I am, keeps right on shining, and in the course of time, as Scripture says, “Every knee shall bow,” and this means that every cloud must eventually be dispelled.

The light, which I am, dispels all personal sense, and then “the glory which I had with thee before the world was” is in full evidence to the world, and the world says, “This is the glory of the Lord.”  But That which we are does not know that It is burning away the dross of the personal sense of you and of me which we entertain.  It does not know it.  Our spiritual integrity is just shining, and sooner or later that dross will evaporate, and the I which we are will not know that there ever was a personal sense of “I” to be forgiven.  There is no use saying, “Please forgive me,” because as long as there is a “me” to ask forgiveness, there is no forgiveness, but when there is a longing heart leaning toward forgiveness, this is that right motive that is the purification process.

We honor God and we honor our spiritual integrity when, instead of asking for forgiveness or favors, we approach God with the finger on the lips and on the mind, going to God without thoughts, without desires, going to this center within ourselves in silence that we may hear the still small voice even when it is at its stillest and smallest.