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The Christ

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5
This quality in the mind of Moses and in the mind of Elijah, we, today call “the Christ.” Whereas Moses called it I Am, and whereas Elijah called it the still small voice, or the angel of the Lord, or the voice of the Lord, you watch what happens when it comes to Christ Jesus, he doesn’t call it by any of those names; he has a new one. He calls it the Father within. I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within me, He doeth the work. And all of a sudden, the Father within him appears as food for four thousand, five thousand, seven thousand people. The Father within him appears as healing for multitudes. The Father within him appears as divine protection when the mobs would get him. The Father within him appears as a donkey when he needs transportation. The Father within him appears as twelve disciples. Always: I can of my own self do nothing; If I speak of myself, I speak a lie. My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me. And so the Master says, “It is the Father within me,” and of course you remember, he says, “My Father and your Father.” The same thing that brought forth supply and freedom for Moses and his Hebrews brings forth supply, healing, and freedom for the followers of the Master. Only in one case it’s called I Am, in another case it’s called these other names, and finally the Master calling it the Father.

Now watch this too, when we come to our friend Paul, we don’t hear about the Father within, but we witness the same work, the same healings, the same divine protection, the same ability to go out and preach the gospel and heal the sick. Only he has a different way of explaining it. He says, “I can do all things through Christ;” or “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth in me.” And so this thing, now that Paul is calling the Christ, must be the same identical thing that Jesus called the Father, the same thing Moses knew as I Am, the same thing Abraham knew as Friend. Abraham called God Friend. The import of all this is just this: If you yourself, read the Bible from cover to cover, you are going to find a very wonderful thread flowing through the entire book, and that thread we may call the Christ. In other words, that thread is a revelation of a divine Presence in the consciousness of every illumined character of the Bible; each one calling it something else, but each one having it appear to them at the time when they need it; in the manner that they need it, for the universal good, for themselves and for their people.
Watch that. See if you can find a book in the Bible that will not reveal to you a character who knew of a divine Presence within their being. John called it The Word, and he said, “The Word was made flesh.” The Word, the invisible became visible. The I Am of Moses became visible as the cloud, as a fire, as food, as water. The invisible of Jesus becomes visible as healings, as supply, as a teaching, as protection. The invisible of Paul becomes visible in all of these ways: the healing of the sick, the raising of the dead; the preaching of this new gospel. Always scripture, in every book, reveals a Presence within you, within me, within the consciousness of everyone who has enough spiritual vision to realize the kingdom of God is right here, it’s right where I am.
The most beautiful story, perhaps, in all of the Bible is that of Ruth and Naomi. You will have to go a long, long distance to find anything more beautiful than that book. And as you read it from this standpoint, you’ll notice this: that Naomi who lived in Bethlehem-Judah, which metaphysically interpreted means spiritual substance, wealth, good; left Bethlehem-Judah, during some sense of depression, some sense of separation from good, and went down into Moab, into the human world to find her good. And she found it. You know what she found: her husband, two sons, two daughters-in-law, farm. Can’t beat that for finding your good. That was really finding her good in earthly human ways. But like these earthly human possessions, they have a way of taking wing. So our very prosperous Naomi finds herself a widow, and then she finds herself losing her farm, and then she loses her two sons and finally she loses a daughter-in-law, and ultimately there is nothing left but Naomi and one daughter-in-law, Ruth. That’s all that’s left between Naomi and kingdom come—just this one girl, Ruth. And she does her best even to get rid of Ruth. She begs Ruth to leave her and go away to her desolation, to her own desolation.
And Ruth, in that beautiful passage says, “No, no, no, entreat me not to leave thee. Whithersoever thou goest, I will go. Thy people will be my people. Where you’re buried, there I will be buried.” A beautiful passage; it brings tears to the eyes every time you read it. And to mine especially, because I know who Ruth is and what Ruth is. Ruth is the I Am of Moses; Ruth is the still small voice of Elijah; Ruth is the Father within of Jesus Christ; Ruth is the Christ of Paul; Ruth is that divine Presence in you and in me that will never leave us or forsake us, and if we get so low down on the scale morally, culturally, Ruth will still be tagging along. That little Christ will still be there and it will never leave us nor forsake us. If we get down so sick that we’re told, “You’re going to die tonight,” that Christ will be there. And in either case, whether it’s through sin or through disease, the moment we give recognition to that Christ and realize Its presence and Its power, It will do for us what Ruth did for Naomi. Ruth went back to Bethlehem-Judah, with Naomi, reestablished her, brought her this infinite wealth, brought to her a new son-in-law, and finally greater than all things, a grandchild who became the first of the line that brought forth Christ Jesus. All that was given to Naomi when she was down to her last daughter-in-law.
You see, when you are down to your last days or your last weeks or your last months, and you can’t depend on somebody out here called the doctor or something out here called a bottle of medicine, or something out here called a climate, you are pretty apt to go within and say, “I wonder if there’s a Christ around these days as there was two thousand years ago. I wonder if there is a Father within. I wonder if it is true that I can do all things through Christ. I wonder.” It never leaves us nor forsakes us. It’s always there, clinging to us, awaiting our recognition. Everything else may go.
The Bible tells us that when your mother and your father desert you, I will be there. You know how desperate that must be when your mother and your father desert you, but even when that happens, and it must happen, because scripture wouldn’t say that, if it didn’t happen sometimes. Even when your mother and your father desert you, you will find, right here, within your own being, this thing that we call the Christ, the Father within, the Word, the Angel of the Lord, the voice of the Lord. You’ll find it, and it is at that time that you will know that you did not have to go outside your own being, because you can now prove what the Master said, I have meat the world knows not of; I have a well-spring of water that will spring up into life eternal. Even when the doctors say I’m dead, I have within me that infinite all, that infinite good, that all of these people of scripture have found.
You know it’s the only reason that scripture is a value to us. The Bible is the living word, and if you have that Bible or living word in your consciousness where Moses found it, where Elijah found it, where Isaiah found it, where Jesus, Paul, and John found it, where Naomi found it; if you have the word of life within your consciousness, you don’t need armor plate. You don’t need outer protection; you’ll find that you have a meat and a protection that the world knows not of.
End Part 4