1960 Maui Work

Tape 369 Side 1 Basic Infinite Way Part 2 of 5

       Purpose, Method, Attainment of the Contemplative Life

By – Joel Goldsmith

In the same way that all of the religions of the Orient had their foundation in India, Buddhism had its foundation, of course, through Gautama the Buddha. And with phases or facets of Buddhism, it spread across to China into Japan, and the Chinese Buddhism stemmed from India, the Japanese Buddhism stemmed from India. And even the Zen Buddhism had its origin in an individual who traveled from India to Tibet, Tibet to China, China to Japan. So that all the Oriental religions stem from India. All of the Occidental religions stem from Egypt, Greece, and the Holy Lands.

        And so it is that one could go into any of these and find the basic revelations, which would enable them to actually become captains of their soul and masters of their fate—because “the Kingdom of God is within you.” The source of ethics, of morals, of wisdom “is within you.”

        And until you have, first of all, this recognition: that what you are seeking is already established within you, and that you cannot travel to holy countries or holy mountains or holy rivers or holy temples and find it, because it is neither Lo here nor Lo there, it is within you. Then you can go to near places or far places and find it, because wherever you are, you will find to be holy ground.

        And that means that within your very consciousness is the “Holy Grail”. . . that so many people are going around the world to find, and so many others go to Tibet, and so many go to India. And all of the time when they do discover it, they will discover that it was right within their own consciousness, and could have been found while sitting at home.

        Now, when this Truth has revealed itself to you, that “that which you are seeking is within you,” and that “the search must be found in the realm of your own being”. . . there are helps along the way, because there have been mystics throughout all times who have written, and the works of these mystics are available. So that you will always find whatever literature is necessary for your unfoldment, when you are ready to avail yourself of it.

        In our travels, whereas publishers began publishing Infinite Way writings with one book, and then a second book and then a third—now they are asking for two and three and four at a time. And, when I ask them about it, and why all of this is? Their answer is, “that this world, there is a deep surge all over the world, for mystical writings.” It is showing up in every part of the world.

        As a matter of fact, when we were in Germany and a publisher took four books at one time, and then afterward wrote for a fifth. And when we spoke about the fact that French books were in translation, he immediately took two French books. And the answer was the same, that we are feeling— every publisher in the world is feeling a surge of demand for mystical writings. And any of them or all of them can give them the writings of the mystics who have left us, those who have gone beyond. But these are the only mystical writings of a living author, and therefore they all want these.

        So you see that the world itself is commencing to realize the nature of mysticism, and wanting it. And we’re fortunate enough that this has been given to us. So that we can, if we like, avail ourselves of the mysticism of the past, or we can avail ourselves of that which is with us today—and be grateful that we have it.

        Now, the first step has to be your realization that “the Kingdom of God is within you.” There has to be the realization that whatever of spiritual power is to be brought into your experience, has to be brought in through your own being.

        When the Master was teaching, he did as we do, specific healing work, and enlightening, teaching—so as to help the student open themselves or be opened, and then carry on from there. In other words, he made it very clear “that if I go not away the comforter will not come to you.” Eventually, even though I can help you now, the final help will come when you’re opened yourself from within.

        Also, when he fed them, they followed him across the lake and wanted to be fed the second day. And he rebuked them because he had shown them how to be fed, he had shown them the principle of multiplication of supply—and instead of paying attention to that, all they did was sit there and enjoy the food.

        Now of course, you know how many do that today, to sit and hear lectures or go to classes or hear tapes and enjoy it. But they do not avail themselves of the principles or the practice of the principles—to the development of their own consciousness. Then when the Master goes away, they’re right back where they were in the beginning.

        All right, the next step is the realization of this principle. Again we are using the illustration from the 15th chapter of John. And we will return to yesterday afternoon, right now. And let us first see each other out here, and remember that we seem to be a dozen or two dozen individuals, each one a unit, each one separate from the other, each one seemingly responsible for his own life or well-being, each one to fail or to succeed on his own powers—that’s how we seem to be out here.

        Actually, this is not the Truth. And the only reason that we have sick and well and rich and poor is because we have lived in the judging by appearances, and we have accepted the belief that each one of us is separate from the other, and my life is no business of yours and your life is no business of mine, and so forth and so on.

        Now, let us go back to the Master’s teaching and let us visualize “an invisible tree.” Right out there in the aisle, “an invisible tree.” And now remember that you are a branch on that tree! But also remember that every individual in this room is a branch on that same tree.

        Once you realize that, you understand what the Master meant when he said, “call no man on earth your father, there is one Father in heaven.” You’ll understand what he meant when he said, “you are Children of God, Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ.”

        And so you find that the “you” who may be Jew or Gentile, Greek or Jew, who may be white or black, Oriental or Occidental, “you” he is saying. . . “you” all have one Father. And we being children, we are brothers and sisters of that Father.

End Part 2