The Infinite Way Letters
December 1954
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 3 of 4
The Religion of Mysticism

To Him That Hath

At first glance, it might seem that this way of living would present a difficult program, but it is the simplest of all. We have in scripture the statement, “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.” To many this has been a very difficult statement to understand. In the light of Elijah’s experience with the widow and her cruse of oil, and the Master with the loaves and the fishes, this statement will come clear. When Elijah asked the widow what she had in her house, she answered that she a little oil. He tells her to pour, and as soon as she begins to pour that little it becomes evident that the cruse of oil is never going to run dry. When the Master asked the disciples, “What have we to eat?” He was told, “We have five barley loaves and two fishes.” So the Master broke the bread, just as the widow poured the oil: everyone was fed and there were twelve baskets full left over.
In our experience, this is our principle of supply. Let us suppose that today a demand for help or healing is made upon us. Let us not answer, “I have not enough understanding,” but let us accept the responsibility of that call and begin with whatever one statement of truth we can remember. There is no one in the world who does not know one statement of truth, so begin to pour the oil, break the bread of that one statement, begin to share and express, and soon there will come a second truth, a third and a forth, as long as there is a need. Your treatment will have been completed and you will have results. In the same wise, never acknowledge a lack, but acknowledge the little that you have: begin with that, whether it is truth, money, time or service, but put it into use.
The principle is this: since God is your being, you are infinite. In your ordinary, every-day living you will never be conscious of infinity around you, but as you attain a great depth of meditation or communion you realize your complete union with God, and in that moment you will realize that all that the Father hath is yours. So begin with what you have, and you will find that it is literally true that God is your being, and therefore your being is infinite, and out of that inner Selfhood will flow all that is necessary to heal or feed the multitudes, and leave twelve baskets over. Out of the infinity of your being, which is God, you can produce anything necessary for your life unto eternity. But you must begin with the few drops of oil or the few barley loaves: you must begin to express and let them flow, and from out of the depth of your being the flow will continue as long as there is a need.
Here you see mystical, spiritual living at its most practical level. Once you acknowledge God as your being, you have infinity to draw upon from within you, and you can make that much more practical than any other form of religion ever discovered. Religion, as generally understood, is not very practical in our present sense of existence, but the mystical way is. The mystical religion says: I have meat the world knows not; ask me for water—I will give you living water, hidden manna, the wine of inspiration; I can make this practical by bringing to light your supply and your health. The mystical way will free you from bondage to the laws of this world; it will free you from bondage to person, place or thing; it will set you free in your Christhood. Then you may share with your fellow-man as liberally as your own heart permits, because there is no limitation to how much you can share, how generous or loving you can be, or how much healing you can do. There is no limitation since the capacity is God, flowing through you as His instrument. The responsibility is upon His shoulder.
In the booklet Love and Gratitude, it has been brought out that gratitude is not yours; that love is not yours, but God’s for which you make yourself an instrument that It may use you, flow through you. In our Infinite Way teaching, we do not use God and we do not use Truth—we let God, Truth, use us! We become the channels through which the infinite nature of God flows forth into the world. So you can see how, without bondage to each other, but with the spirit of love within us, we can be all things unto each other, and yet at all times each is freed.
If you are called upon for a healing and you know only one statement of truth, pour it, voice it, think it, and it will be followed by another. If you have only one dollar, break it, spend it, dime by dime, quarter by quarter: know that as each coin follows the other, so will one dollar follow upon another. God is your only capacity, and God fulfills Itself moment by moment. Even God cannot live the next hour—just this moment. Even the sun cannot shine tomorrow—this is the moment of its shining. Out of the infinite nature of God flows this universe, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, on into eternity.
End Part 3